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5 things to consider while choosing your Fiori Implementation partner

SAP Fiori is a new age user experience (UX) for SAP, based on modern design principles that provides a holistic and a consistent experience across different devices, accomplishes quick insight-to-action anytime and anywhere and much more. There are myriad apps that are currently applying the SAP Fiori UX to provide greater user productivity and personalization for customers, who use SAP Business Suite on any database and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. SAP Fiori supports not just apps, but also a variety of roles in diverse functional areas of business including HR, finance, manufacturing, procurement and sales. The 300+ collection of apps from Fiori are light-weight and designed for routine tasks to improve productivity.

Key parameters for choosing the right Fiori implementation partner

Considering the advantages that SAP Fiori apps can offer and also from a business perspective in improving an organization’s bottom lines, more and more organizations are jumping the bandwagon to embrace the SAP Fiori platform. But, the biggest challenge that is plaguing the organizations is how to get started with this implementation, what are the cost implications and what type of apps they need to choose to successfully address their business cases. In other words, companies are perplexed about the right implementation partner they need to choose to help them get started with the SAP Fiori implementation.

It is in this context; we offer a ready reckoner (checklist) to help you follow a set of parameters to help you arrive at a logical conclusion to select the right partner. Here is the checklist:

  • Is the partner a part of the SAP PartnerEdge or partner eco-system?

SAP PartneEdge program for application development is the leading program for SAP’s market leading technologies. Hence, being a part of this SAP PartnerEdge program is a hallmark of excellence – partners can leverage on the business opportunity to build and commercialize standard software applications on SAP platforms. With the help of SAP HCPms, partners can build innovative mobile apps for deployment as self-sufficient cloud-based services as well as on premise environments, which are based on SAP mobile platform.

  • Does the partner have the right expertise and industry experts to know your requirements better?

One of the important stages of Fiori implementation is to comprehensively understand the requirements and come out with a detailed blueprint to jump-start the implementation process. Only an expert with vast implementation experience can clearly assess the right app out of the 200+ apps that can suit your business requirements. Typically, the partner company’s Fiori consultants should work with your functional specialists to understand your organization’s business case and the associated process flows to accomplish your business objectives. After brainstorming the ideas, based on the feedback from your consultants, a requirements plan should be subsequently drawn.

  • Does the partner have the past experience in successful SAP Fiori implementation?

Past implementation experience matters a lot and is measured in terms of number of Fiori implementations. Ideally a partner with 30+ Fiori implementations worldwide can be a better choice, as each implementation assignment tends to teach new lessons including user experience, adoption of better implementation practices and security paradigms that needs to be followed. The more the implementation experience, the greater would be the flexibility and ease with which a partner can ensure a hassle free implementation experience.

  • Can the partner gauge the scalability and user experience?

A good implementation partner should be able to gauge the scalability aspect of implementation i.e., whether the proposed application is scalable to accommodate innumerable users in near future without affecting its user experience.

  • Does the partner get support from the SAP eco-system?

Having a constant support from other partners within the SAP eco-system goes a long way for an implementation partner to keep abreast with the latest developments in the SAP Fiori and the best implementation practices that needs to be adhered for a seamless and hassle free Fiori deployment. This support can be in the form of knowledge sharing through seminars, webinars or conferences, where partners can mutually interact and connect.

Now that you have got an overview of what parameters that needs to be looked into an implementation partner, you can now move onto the next stage of choosing and working with the right partner. Towards this end, Innovapptive, a leading SAP solutions provider can be a perfect match for your company to help you embark on the right strategy for a successful SAP Fiori implementation within your fixed timelines and budget.

  • Uniqueness of Innovapptive’s deployment methodology

Innovapptive follows a SAP-qualified rapid deployment solution (RDS) for SAP Fiori that includes the new SAP Fiori apps and enables the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and one or more Fiori apps for full productive purposes in a fixed time and price. Apart from that, it’s modular and flexible approach for SAP Fiori implementation enables you to quickly start with just one app or any combination of 200+ available Fiori apps. Innovapptive takes care of the complete implementation landscape with respect to providing the right infrastructure and implementing the appropriate security paradigms & workflows, thereby helping your organization to generate complete business value within 2 weeks.

Innovapptive’s key differentiators

    • Experience in SAP mobile solutions & UX technologies including development of their own off the shelf apps
    • Strong SAP Fiori implementation experience – over 50+ successful Fiori implementations.
    • 2016 SAP Pinnacle Award winner in the category “Platform Co-innovation Partner of the Year”
    • 2015 and 2014 SAP Pinnacle Award in the category “Application Development Partner of the Year”

Request a DemoIf you would like a demo of Innovapptive’s portfolio of Native or Web based mobile solutions, please click on the link. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss with an Innovapptive solution expert, you can reach out to us by emailing us at or you can reach a sales representative at (713) 275-1804.

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