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BYOD: Convergence of personal mobile devices and enterprise mobility – An opportunity, like never before !

A Change presents opportunity

The internet era revolutionized the world, the way we communicated and exchanged information. Exactly as the internet era, we are now witnessing another wave of disruptive technology, where mobile technologies are radically changing the way we communicate, exchange and share information, challenging every traditional method of business.

The new reality of changing business needs are more vibrant, with reducing wide gap of customers and suppliers, as the internet and mobile networks makes global-reach easier. Mobile is pushing all boundaries of connectivity and creating an on-demand, inter-connected world where companies, consumers, customers, suppliers and employees can always stay connected, irrespective of their location. The mobile revolution began in the consumer world and has dramatically improved our day-to-day productivity. Booking airline tickets, shopping online, checking flight status, depositing a check, GPS and so much more are simple examples of how mobile transforms our day-to-day life.

BYOD Infographic

Source: Sentechnologies

Ubiquitous access to information and our ability to live an efficient personal life is pushing all boundaries for enterprises to embrace this change. The mobile push is no longer a choice for an enterprise, it has become an imperative to drive overall operational excellence and dramatically improve productivity to do more with less. Forward looking enterprises are balancing the security risks to benefits and empowering personal devices with corporate data access, leading to the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device phenomenon. The potential benefits scale of a BYOD phenomenon is huge, but a BYOD program comes with several security and privacy invasion challenges and it is important to think beyond traditional ways of managing a corporate device and look into what matters the most – Your enterprise mobile apps. Once your enterprise addresses the security and privacy invasion challenges and finds ways to protect only your corporate mobile apps, the BYOD challenge can be turned into profitable opportunities, by converging business processes with enterprise mobility instantly, to set new trends. Leveraging the BYOD phenomenon, enterprises can create an inter-connected business eco-system, where employees, partners and customers connect and dynamically engage for fulfilling business objectives, reaching enterprise goals in record time.

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Mobility via BYOD, helps making business smarter, more productive and faster

BYOD enabled enterprise mobility keeps business on the move, by putting real-time contextual information at customers, suppliers and employees fingertips and providing predictive recommendations and insights to improve decision making. Through a BYOD framework, enterprises can cost effectively amplifies organizational expertize by giving people access to collaboration opportunities when and where they need them.  It helps employees to make better use of time and assets to drive quicker results. Mobility helps managing business from anywhere, anytime and by making critical business data, complex analytics and reports available to improve speed of data processing and decision making. According to the Gartner’s report, by 2016, the entire global workforce are predicted to be connected to enterprises through mobile for a major or a minor accomplishment of their tasks.

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Focus and protect your apps, not devices, to enable BYOD

A cloud based mobile application management helps your enterprise quickly enable BYOD without compromising on security or privacy invasion challenges. Innovapptive’s mPower™ App Store enables enterprises to not only create a private enterprise branded app store to drive targeted distribution and drive higher adoption, but also provide easy and configurable security app wrapper SDK’s that allows enterprises to roll out a variety of app-level security policies. For more information, please visit our mobile application management (MAM) page by clicking here or you can watch the below videos to get a good overview of Innovapptive’s mobile application management (MAM) solution.

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  • Alexis Texas Reply

    BYOD is a new term and definitely there will be different thoughts about its use. But no doubt good results will be surely vast. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

    October 14, 2015 at 9:57 am
    • Umamaheswar Godavarthy Reply

      Thanks for your comments.

      October 21, 2015 at 6:52 am

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