MDM vs MAM : Distributing SAP Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

Will a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Strategy securely mobilize your Contractors, Suppliers, Customers and 3rd Party? How do you distribute SAP mobile apps to a diverse work environment? A cloud based enterprise app store can help you securely distribute your apps to it’s intended audience.
Today’s organizations are multifaceted, having close correlation between various  stakeholders such as contractors, suppliers, customers and […]

BYOD: Convergence of personal mobile devices and enterprise mobility – An opportunity, like never before !

A Change presents opportunity

The internet era revolutionized the world, the way we communicated and exchanged information. Exactly as the internet era, we are now witnessing another wave of disruptive technology, where mobile technologies are radically changing the way we communicate, exchange and share information, challenging every traditional method of business.

The new reality of changing business needs are more vibrant, with […]

Security Challenges in Enabling SAP Enterprise Mobility. How does your Enterprise Prevent Data Breach and Data Leakage?

The usage of mobile devices and their adoption into business is ever-increasing. Improved hardware performance, a robust platform feature set and increased communication bandwidth, contribute towards expanding mobile capabilities beyond voice and email. Usage of smart phones in companies have created new strategies in business processes as never before because of their capability to access back-end information from anywhere anytime.  […]

Does a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution secure your Mobile Enterprise?

Bring-your-own-device or BYOD continues to gain traction, as employees want to use their personal tech gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones, for work. The exponential rise in demand to use personal devices has pressured CIO’s and IT to support them. Gaining popularity of BYOD as a business enabler for enterprise mobility initiatives has increased the demand for more policies, making […]

Remotely Controlling Mobile Devices and Apps For Enterprises

Remotely Controlling Mobile Devices and Apps is an Imperative for Every Enterprise’s Mobile COE support teams

How does your enterprise intend to remotely manage and support your enterprise mobile devices and apps?

Enterprise Mobility continues to make its impact in enterprises and mobile devices and apps are predicted to exponentially grow within an enterprise. The benefits introduced through enterprise mobility are […]