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Innovapptive now offers open API’s for Enterprise Mobility Platform

Innovapptive’s Mobile Application Management (MAM) Solution – mPower™ App store, Now offers open API’s for Enterprise Mobility Platform


Innovapptive’s mobile application management (MAM) solution is a cloud based comprehensive mobile application management (MAM) solution that allows enterprises to seamlessly distribute, manage and deploy enterprise applications to accelerate adoption and maximize mobile investments. The cloud based solution provides customers a self-service model with minimal IT touch that can scale up or down instantly as needed. The pay-as-you-go model makes it extremely attractive for customers to avoid any large investments in buying and implementing an on premise mobile application management solution.


Innovapptive’s cloud based mobile application management (MAM) solution supports multi-tenancy, and now offers an open application programming interface (API) for leading enterprise mobility platform/mobile application development platforms (MADP) a platform for securing and managing enterprise mobile apps. Innovapptive customers and partners can now integrate mPower App store with the open API into their existing enterprise infrastructure and extend their enterprise mobility solutions ROI.  With the APIs the clients will be able to leverage Innovapptive’s mPower App store capabilities with more efficiency.

The open API’s offers customers the flexibility to easily integrate with their existing enterprise infrastructure. Enterprise developers can now complete the build of their applications on their mobile application development platform (MADP) and simply push the developed application onto the Innovapptive mPower™ App Store for distribution. Innovapptive’s approach saves time and also delivers new value to customers by supporting managed services to create and distribute secure enterprise apps to the customers. The API integration and mPower App Store allows the IT managers to leverage the exact capabilities they need and manage it all from a single administration console.  Now the customers and partners of Innovapptive have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the fully extensible App Store,its unmatched scalability and its robust mobility management capabilities to complement and extend their own enterprise mobility solutions.


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