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Innovapptive IT Staffing Services – Industry Trends and Strategies


The technology staffing industry works in a complex and a dynamic environment and is no longer confined to the operational realms of replacing absentee workers with temporary ones. It has evolved as a strategic partner for clients by providing a broad spectrum of employment solutions and services.

According to Goldhaber Research Group Prepared for Staffing 360 Solutions Inc:

Globally, staffing companies generate about $416 billion in annual revenues.
There are approximately 70,000 private employment service agencies around the world with an estimated 15,000 staffing companies generating less than $20 million in annual sales in the United States alone.

The above figures reveal just how big the IT staffing industry is with every major technology having a strong presence in the overall market share. However, with the burgeoning growth of enterprise mobility and SAP technology services, vendors that specialize in IT staffing services are exploring greater opportunities in this segment with demand for manpower growing exponentially year after year.

However, things are not as rosy as one perceives, since IT staffing services primarily revolve around the spectrum of human resources, having its own share of challenges. The biggest challenges are not just to find new talent to support that growth, but also to retain the existing talent, who get tempted for better opportunities. Apart from that, one has to consider the mounting operational costs to search new talent to meet the growing expectations of the IT industry. Hence, it can judiciously be concluded that staffing firms need to do a balancing act of managing growth, while effectively attracting new talent and retaining the existing talent.

With IT staffing services being a major revenue earner, many companies both small and large have entered this arena and have spread their wings to support the talent acquisition needs of their clients in the broad technological spectrums. One of the companies that are slowly but truly emerging as a prominent player is Innovapptive Solutions.

Innovapptive, being a leading SAP Certified partner with extensive industry knowledge and SAP implementation experience has always been greatly vested in the area of IT staffing, primarily focused on SAP services and enterprise mobility applications.

With a clear cut vision to comprehend the challenges faced by businesses today in keeping pace with their organization’s evolving IT initiatives, Innovapptive had gauged the nuances of the IT requirements of its clients – opportunities available and the turnaround time to hire the resources. With its time tested talent acquisition strategy and thorough pre-screening process of its resources, Innovapptive ensures that all open positions of its clients are filled with the right resources within the short turnaround time and at competitive rates.

However, being a pioneer in IT consulting services, Innovapptive identified 7 areas that need to be considered by clients before hiring temporary staff from any staffing company:

1. Company background – Years of experience in IT staffing industry, expertise in boarding resources within short turnaround time and at competitive rates.

2. Legal considerations – Awareness of labor laws and regulations governing each country, where the new resources would be boarded.

3. Time and cost savings – Percentage of cost and time savings by availing the services of an experienced IT staffing vendor and the overall impact on the client’s RoI.

4. Morale Issues – Monitoring mechanisms enforced by the vendor to boost the morale of its resources including evaluating their work efficiencies.

5. Quality of resources – Pre-screening mechanisms that are in place to check the suitability of the resources, before recruitment.

6. Insurance considerations – Clear cut procedures in place by the recruiting company that absolves the client company from getting into insurance formalities.

7. Background verification check – Proper background verification mechanism in place by the vendor company to ensure reliability and integrity of its resources.


With the identification of the above parameters, Innovapptive is poised to take IT consulting services to the next level. Innovapptive currently specializes in three broad areas: Contract Hiring, Contract to Hire and Permanent Hiring. Innovapptive ensures that its clients get the right resources at the right time.

To experience Innovapptive’s expertise in rendering quality and time bound IT recruiting and staffing services –  Contact Us today.

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