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Mobile User Experience – The key to Enterprise Mobility adoption


What makes mobile games adopted and explored more and why? The immense ‘Delight’ they create, highest user expectation and joy being the reason. Irrelevant about the age group, everyone finds delight in certain sites like Face book, Twitter and iTunes. All these products create delight along with fulfilling the requirement of the user. We find a front end integrated with user experience which works to connect emotionally along with meeting a real need. Enterprise mobility products with high end technology, excellent functionality with emotional connectivity tend to surge in the market with greater user adoption.

The role of User Experience to sustain in the market

In a continuous fluctuating market of today, where speed to launch and capture the market is the only criteria to sustain. Reaching user satisfaction by manufacturing enterprise mobility products using best user experience to delight the customers is the smart way. Keeping in pace with the trends and able to quickly grab the market before Enterprises run out of time and budget, is a possibility through flexible and user friendly user experience.

User interface is the first layer which the user sees on the surface through which a user experience arises and decides whether to continue, adopt or quit the application. The UI design creates a eye catchy impression through the colors, fonts, alignment and navigation used, grabs the attention of the user and is guided mentally towards the other screens.

How to Plan for a good User Experience

A structured planning prior to enterprise mobility without collapsing the organizational infrastructure in order to list out the requirements through an interactive session with the users gives a practical view of the pain points in the existing system. The inputs from the users help in designing the interaction screens, segregation of most entered data fields to less used fields, structure of the layout, type and size of the controls. Focusing on a good user experience with every detail right from the architectural stage of grouping the screens, features, controls helps in resulting in designing user friendly layouts and deciding suitable controls which would create easy navigation.

User Experience - A Key to Enterprise Mobility

Key aspects which enhance User Experience

Attractive front end

Maintaining clarity of text with good typography, cool, legible and pleasing terminology is to be given priority as text is the gate way to interact. Confusing font types, disturbing backgrounds and difficult text makes the user quit the app. A well-structured visual hierarchy which gives readability and usability helps the users to understand the usage of apps on their own giving the feel of simplicity.

How to create a Wow! Feeling for the user

Stuffing the screens with too much text creates discomfort to eyes which is a bad user experience. The theme, whitespace distribution along with good typography works out immensely in creating emotional connectivity with relaxation aiding in giving a Wow! Feeling to the user.

Reducing the number of clicks and typing by using option buttons and drop down lists makes the entry screen easier. Controlling the navigation screen with smooth flow, accessibility of scrolling of the screens are few simple tasks which may create a bad user experience if over looked.

User Experience - A key to Enterprise Mobility

Why is coordination of UX designer and front end developers important?

It is a surprise that innumerable products are launched and fail to gain customer acceptance. Money and time along with robust technology used on design and user experience still fail to create an impact on the user. Following a user-centered design (USD) approach cannot help to lead to readiness of organizations towards enterprise mobility. In order to bring about a pleasing and delightful user experience in enterprise mobility, a close coordination between the front end developers and the UX designers is most essential so that every minute detail is crept into the product right at the designing stage. The efforts and costs put into the working of front end developers and UX designers individually surely results in good designed enterprise mobility apps, but both the teams working in coordination results in outstanding apps with extraordinary user experience and user satisfaction – a key to Enterprise mobility adoption.

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