Simplify UI Development with SAPUI5

SAPUI5 is a recent offering from SAP that powers SAP Fiori applications. It is a client UI technology that is based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, enabling you to build and adapt client applications. Depending on what device the application runs (mobile, tablet or desktop PC), you can use different libraries.
The SAPUI5 runtime is a client-side HTML5 rendering library that […]

SAP Screen Personas – Personalization without programming

The concept of UI personalization is gaining momentum across several applications among users, particularly who are in the key operational roles of production, finance, marketing, HR and other departments. While working with core business applications, business users are looking for a more user friendly UI that eliminates unnecessary technical jargon and at the same time, providing a more flexible and […]

Optimize Training and Learning with SAP Workforce Performance Builder

SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WFPB) is a learning management tool for SAP users that lets you generate simulations, videos for process flows you create within each module; provide navigational help, build ITIL libraries and do much more. In other words, SAP Workforce Performance Builder software helps to instantly and effectively provide your user communities with the skills that will build […]

SAP Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 Applications

SAP Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Web-based development environment designed to support the end-to-end application lifecycle for SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 applications
In today’s market scenario, the key to business success lies in agility in multiple dimensions. One of the key aspects of agility is to design, develop and deploy applications swiftly to address the growing expectations of the […]

Seamless File Upload and Download to SAP using SAP NetWeaver Gateway


SAP NetWeaver Gateway is a technology that offers a seamless platform to connect devices, environments and platforms. It enables creation of cutting edge solutions with world class UX providing the potential of SAP business software into new experiences including social and collaboration environments, mobile, tablet and rich internet applications. It offers the flexibility to use any programming language or model to […]

Mobile SSO for SAP Fiori with SAP Authenticator

Overview of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a new age experience (UX) for SAP, that is revolutionizing the way applications are built, taking the user experience to new heights. It combines modern design principles providing a holistic and a consistent experience across variety of devices. With SAP Fiori, you can accomplish a variety of productive tasks including getting quick insight-to-action anytime […]

Enterprise Mobile App Deployment Strategies

The advent of smartphones and tablets have changed the way we interface with enterprise systems. Smartphones have redefined the way we communicate with added features like GPS, camera, scanners and much more. This is also driving changes in the way business processes are implemented within organizations. Hence, it is evident that mobile technology has a major role to play within […]

Android Lollipop for SAP: Innovapptive is Delivering Apps on the Next Era of Android

In an era of rapid communication through mobile and hand held devices, Android has forged one step further to come out with the latest version of its operating system – Android 5.0 Lollipop. This release comes with new features for users as well thousands of new APIs for developers. It offers level of extensibility – from phones, tablets and wearable […]

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays


We want to first take this opportunity to personally wish you and your family a festive holiday season and a prosperous Happy New Year 2015. As we look back at how 2014 unfolded and progressed, we found that mobile is conquering the enterprise and that is pretty evident from the below Harvard Business Review statistic.
With 52% of line of businesses […]

Innovapptive IT Staffing Services – Industry Trends and Strategies

The technology staffing industry works in a complex and a dynamic environment and is no longer confined to the operational realms of replacing absentee workers with temporary ones. It has evolved as a strategic partner for clients by providing a broad spectrum of employment solutions and services.

According to Goldhaber Research Group Prepared for Staffing 360 Solutions Inc:
Globally, staffing companies generate […]