Are SAP Fiori Apps the right mobile solution for your Enterprise?

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps with consumer grade user experience (UX) for SAP software for multiple platforms like ABAP, HANA, SAP Portal and Cloud Portal. It supports a variety of roles in lines of business that include HR, Sales, Procurement, Finance and Manufacturing. The 300+ collection of apps from Fiori are light-weight and designed for routine tasks to improve […]

Go Green and Get Rid of Expense Receipts Clutter with a Mobile SAP Travel and Expense Solution

Challenges in the Travel and Expense Management Process

Collecting paper receipts, scanning, attaching
Desktop and Manual processes for Travel and Expense management involving collecting piles of receipts, scanning, attaching requisitions, invoices and poorly managed travel expenses   provides little or no ability for spend policy enforcement. The inefficiency in manual and desktop processes leads to many more challenges like employees over spending, lack […]

Customize SAP Mobile Apps with SIMPLE SAP CONFIGURATIONS – No Code Changes Required

Empowering IT Teams to Customize SAP Mobile Apps with SIMPLE SAP Configurations using our Proprietary “Customization & Extensions” Cockpit

The demand for mobilizing key business processes is on the rise. Enterprise IT customers across line of businesses such as Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations and Field Services have empowered themselves in their personal lives with smartphones and tablets, creating a trend […]

SAP Fiori is Free and You Can Now Get Started For Free

SAP Fiori is Free and You Can Now Get Started For Free
In case you missed SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s keynote at Sapphire Now, you missed the exciting news that SAP Fiori apps are available to SAP Customers at no cost. In a nutshell, this user experience (UX) product basically makes it possible for SAP’s world-class enterprise software to be delivered […]

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs with an SAP Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management

SAP Mobile Inventory and Warehouse Management for Total Visibility and Reducing Supply Chain Carrying Costs
Is a mobile inventory management solution an answer to your thriving businesses inventory management challenges?
Effective inventory control and management is a vital function for continued success.  Growing business increases inventory investment to meet customer service goals and maintain maximum profits. Expanding businesses lack effective inventory management […]

A Mobile Sales Solution Maximizes Your Sales Force Effectiveness by Unwiring your SAP CRM and ERP Systems

The digital and internet revolution took information technology to a completely different level, creating unimaginable sales strategies that are powerful and provide up to date information of customer accounts, customer invoices and sales orders – all accessible by remotely connecting laptops/desktops to corporate networks. Although this technology leap radically transformed the way we conducted business, the accessibility of these laptops […]

Asset tagging and Geocoding : Are your Fixed Assets Periodically Tagged, Reconciled and Geo-Coded to Prevent Theft?

The Enterprise Fixed Asset Tracking Challenge

Managing and tracking fixed assets is an imperative for each and every enterprise, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Although the importance of this topic is very well understood by companies’ financial experts, controllers and executives, large companies have struggled with traditional processes and expensive software to track and reconcile their physical assets […]

Back to The Future: Google Glass Augmented Reality

Back to The Future: Google Glass Augmented Reality – Innovapptive will play a vital role in transforming enterprises’ tomorrow

The advent of smart phones and tablets have revolutionized enterprises radically. However, these mobile devices are not hand free and impede several mobile worker functions. Smart wearable like Google glasses is expected to disrupt mobile innovations and bring a whole new level […]

Remotely Controlling Mobile Devices and Apps For Enterprises

Remotely Controlling Mobile Devices and Apps is an Imperative for Every Enterprise’s Mobile COE support teams

How does your enterprise intend to remotely manage and support your enterprise mobile devices and apps?

Enterprise Mobility continues to make its impact in enterprises and mobile devices and apps are predicted to exponentially grow within an enterprise. The benefits introduced through enterprise mobility are […]

Preventive Action For Heartbleed Security Vulnerability

How Can SAP Customers Take Preventive Action For Heartbleed Security Vulnerability?

Heartbleed is a major security vulnerability that has been widely reported in the media in recent days.

Heartbleed allows an attacker to read the memory of servers running certain releases of the openSSL library.  This library is widely used for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) including, in some […]