SAP Mobile Approvals on Apple Watch to Deliver a Seamless User Experience

The new Apple Watch is designed to revolutionize the way people communicate with their devices – a seamless and an overwhelming user experience that was never thought before. As a developer, you can leverage WatchKit to take your iOS apps even further by extending and enhancing the functionality on Apple Watch. Hence, notifications from existing applications on your iPhone or […]

Providing the right User Experience for your Enterprise

SAP Fiori is a new age user experience (UX) for SAP, based on modern design principles that provides a holistic and a consistent experience across myriad devices, accomplishes quick insight-to-action anytime and anywhere and much more. There are a variety of apps that are currently applying the SAP Fiori UX to provide enhanced user productivity and personalization for customers, who […]

iOS App Development: Auto Layout in iOS

Introduction to Auto Layout

Auto Layout in iOS is a system that enables you to define your app’s interface by creating a mathematical description of the relationships between the elements. You can define these relationships with respect to constraints either on individual elements or between sets of elements. You can use Auto Layout to create a dynamic and versatile interface that […]

Odata for SAP Mobile: Offline Capabilities Using Delta Queries

What is Offline OData Client SDK?

Offline capabilities using Delta Queries is an emerging concept in SAP and this blog provides an overview of Offline OData client SDK and key implementation aspects of Delta Token functionality.

As of releases 2.x.x., the SUP OData Client SDK was primarily for applications transacting online with live back-end data. However, there was an option provided to […]

Data modeling in SAP Gateway for OData Services

Data Model Definition

OData services require a data model definition, referred as model provider class. For client development projects, the development process mandatorily commences with a previously-defined data model, which is outside-in approach. Based on your specific requirements, you can define a data model in the following formats:

Define new data model
Redefine Service
Include Service

Let’s have a brief overview of each format:

Define new […]

Part 2: How to setup Push Notifications in iOS


In the first part of the blog series on push notifications, you have been provided an overview of what push notifications are all about, basic pre-requisites for implementing push notifications in iOS, key takeaways and some of challenges pertaining to push notifications. This blog is a continuation of the earlier blog which focusses on the configuration aspects of push notifications.

As […]

Part 1: Getting started with Push Notifications in iOS

Getting started with Push Notifications in iOS

This is the first part of the three part blog series of push notifications functionality in Apple devices that helps you in getting started with push notifications in iOS including the concepts of push notifications, its functionality,  its key takeaways and limitations. The second part of the blog series focuses on configuration aspects of […]

OData: Implementing Multiple Origin Composition in SAP

Multiple Origin Composition (MOC) is a new and an emerging concept in SAP that describes the ability to collect data from different backend systems, integrate them into a single service and update diverse backend systems, while using the same user. Thus a service can be made available for various system aliases. For instance, you could have two identical systems, one […]

Mobile Enterprise Predictions for 2015

International Data Corporation (IDC) has hosted the IDC FutureScape for mobile enterprise predictions for 2015 Web conference. The session provided organizations with insight and perspective on long-term industry trends along with new themes that may be on the horizon.

The Predictions Web conference series and accompanying IDC FutureScape reports are designed to help company leaders capitalize on emerging market opportunities and plan […]

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