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Rapid Deployment Solution of SAP Mobile Platform is as easy as Start, Deploy & Run

Rapid Deployment Solution of SAP Mobile Platform is as easy as Start, Deploy & Run

Rapid Deployment Solution of SAP Mobile Platform is as easy as Start, Deploy & Run

Transforming the way we work through mobility helps innovating new business opportunities which increase company’s revenue. A Smartphone’s capability of accessibility to data from anywhere anytime enables faster decision making. The ease of connecting helps in increasing the productive time and efficiency of the employees. Employees interact better by answering customer’s queries and solving issues from wherever they are. This technology has evolved and many organizations have explored methodologies to rapidly implement mobility to help them see transformational benefits happen within weeks. The benefits of Mobility are quite evident, and many organizations find themselves adopting this revolution.

Enterprise’s choice Rapid Deployment Solutions

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are pre-packaged solutions which addresses specific business challenges helping organizations to go mobile solving these challenges in a short period of time. SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions use best templates involving high expertise right from development to testing, which speeds up the implementation process at a low cost enabling easy usability. RDS not only ensures guaranteed cost reduction and timeline, but also results in efficient software, expertise and best practices. Enterprises can see a dramatic increase in company’s ROI within weeks not in months as the traditional way. RDS also helps to add and expand new modules whenever they need them.

How is Rapid Deployment done with in weeks?

The SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Mobile Platform from Innovapptive starts running as soon as it is implemented. The critical business processes are pre-configured and predefined for each of the modules of SAP which cuts down deployment time. How are robust solutions implemented in a short time, what makes it rapid ? Comparing it with the traditional method of implementation, lot of time is spent in blue printing the software, documentation, check lists and training material preparation. In RDS methodology tested business processes are pre-configured reducing it up to 40% of the time and a dramatic reduce in cost. Making it the reason why, Rapid Deployment Services are as easy as Start, Deploy and Run.

The proven steps which makes deployment Rapid

Step 1 (Start) When the company decides for mobility services of Innovapptive, a careful strategic study is done by a team of experts. The team analyses the company’s unique business objectives and long time goals. Keeping in view the cost and ROI a set of predefined solutions are suggested which match with the requirement. Innovapptive helps in deciding solutions which are in alignment with company’s goals and can provide justified business value. The IT resource is provided with a list of pre-installations tasks to be completed before on site implementation.

Step 2 (Deploy) The decided solution is installed and verified for all the components and configured for the specific requirement opted by the enterprise. The functionality and recovery scenarios are tested and ensured that the system performs as per the company’s specifications.

Step 3 (Run) Enabling the team in the company to handle the solution with required training which helps in easy adoption. Equipping the users with training guides and educational material helps in understanding the screens, navigation and functionality of the system easily and smoothly.

Innovapative Inc is an SAP Certified partner specializing in several SAP Modules and SAP Mobility. Innovapptive helps enterprises to develop, manage and deploy secure mobile business apps on any mobile device. Through Rapid Deployment Solutions, Innovapptive ensures the deployment of apps within the enterprises happens in a fixed time, scope and value. Using Rapid Deployment Solutions, Innovapptive helps organizations unwire their enterprises much faster using a fixed time, fixed scope and a fixed price model.

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    Rapid Deployment Solution of SAP Mobile Platform is as easy as Start, Deploy & Run.

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