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SAP Mobile GRC Access Approvals, BPM, Any Workitens and Dolphin PTS Invoice Approvals now on mWorklist 2.2

SAP Mobile GRC Access Approvals, BPM, Any Workitens and Dolphin PTS Invoice Approvals now on mWorklist 2.2. The latest version omes with enhanced features and functionality

mWorklist 2.2 is now available with additional work items for GRC access requests, Dolphin PTS – AP invoices, BPM work items and a generic framework container.

Innovapptive’s flagship product, the mWorklist 2.2 mobile app within the mPower™ HR App Suite now supports Dolphin’s PTS-AP Invoice approvals ,GRC access request approvals, BPM work items, and a generic workflow container that retrieves any work item from customers SAP Inbox. Unlike, SAP UI5 or HTML5 mobile solutions, Innovapptive’s mWorklist 2.2 app provides out-of-the box push notifications, approvals, and exceptions directly to the relevant users’ smartphones or tablets allowing for review, approval and transaction processing anywhere, anytime speeding up access request approvals

Dolphin PTS-AP Invoices Approval

mWorklist 2.2 now supports the Dolphin’s PTS-AP solution as an add-on that allows users to securely view and approve invoices, edit line coding for non-purchase order invoices, and accelerate blocked invoices by creating goods receipt/service entry sheets directly from a mobile device. The PTS-AP solution from Dolphin has earned SAP certification on the HANA platform as well as certification on the recently released SAP NetWeaver 7.40, an extension of previous NetWeaver versions. The mobile app also leverages Dolphin PTS-AP’s existing certifications on SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

SAP GRC Access Request Approvals

Innovation fueled by Innovapptive’s customer advisory board, Innovapptive recently also launched the SAP Mobile GRC approval solution by rendering SAP GRC access requests and approvals to managers anywhere, anytime. Managers can now review SAP GRC access requests, associated requested roles, SOD violations and Firefighter requests and logs.

SAP GRC Access Request Approvals SAP Mobile Approvals for SAP GRC Access Requests

Any Workflow, Any Workitem – A Configurable Generic Workflow Container

The latest release of the mWorklist 2.2 mobile app features a Generic workflow container, to retrieve any work item from the customer’s SAP inbox. The generic workflow container is a fully configurable solution that lets customers retrieve any work item from their SAP inbox that is not offered out-of-the-box within the mWorklist 2.2 mobile solution.

Generic Workflow Container to support SAP Universal Worklist (UWL)

SAP Business Process Management (BPM) Integration

mWorklist 2.2 now supports the SAP business process management (BPM) integration to process tasks, view attachments and run business processes from the same solution on smartphones and tablets.

SAP BPM on Mobile

Continuous Innovations and Improvements in 2014

Currently the out of the box mobile app connects with SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP GRC, SAP BPM and SAP SRM. Innovapptive will continue to grow the mWorklist 2.2 product in 2014. An SAP UI5 version of this solution is expected to be released, along with several additional out-of-the box work items by May 30th. mWorklist 3.0 will feature personnel request approvals, alerts and notifications, production order approvals, AFE/WBS approvals and more. The SAP UI5 release will enable customers to process work items on desktops, laptops, windows mobile and blackberry as well. By co-innovating with several Global 2000 customers, Innovapptive’s mWorklist mobile app presents a strong product road map in 2014 that will deliver cost effective and accelerated time to value solutions to our large base of customers.

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