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SAP Mobile HR: Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and employee retention

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Mobile Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Mobile Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Managers play a key role in streamlining HR processes

With a perspective of supporting employee requests from various departments, managers are required to manage their direct report employee needs, requests and career growth framework. The ability to respond to these direct report employee needs, is extremely critical in improving employee satisfaction, retaining employees and streamlining overall HR processes. Employees approach managers to review their benefits, promotions, career framework or approvals of their personal/departmental requests. Enterprises’ on the run managers are inundated with several administrative tasks and delayed processing causes significant business inefficiencies and could potentially impact enterprises’ bottom line. Without empowering these managers, these managers are unable to respond to these requests in a timely manner.

Managers are required to complete timely review and approvals of Time Entry, Leave requests, Travel & Expenses, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions and Personnel Requests.   Delay in approvals in regular and routine tasks causes loss of productive time, keeping the employees waiting for their manager’s approvals.  Implementing faster techniques in organizations which give employees comfort level. Introducing mobile technologies and practices in HR, would dramatically speed up business processes.

Business beyond country boundaries

Managing an enterprise globally and executing locally has become extremely important as the work forces and organizations have spread rapidly beyond country boundaries.  Managing this change, enterprises are over loaded with drastic increase in travel expense processing and approvals, managing employee services remotely, delay in traditional processes, and have to be addressed to manage diversity, retention and satisfaction of employees. The ability for mobile technologies to quickly respond to employee needs anywhere, anytime, reduces the overall cost per employee.

HR mobilization a direct impact on employee retention

Mobile solutions have started to play a crucial role in HR activities. Connectivity and collaboration with HR makes it easier for the employees to engage in HR activities by promoting a mobile self-service solution to empower employees to view and update personal information anywhere, anytime and quickly respond to newly rolled out HR processes, without any additional training. The HR support cost per employee significantly reduces as employees can become more self-sufficient to retrieve or process their own information anywhere, anytime. From updating their most accurate personal information, to viewing their paystubs, W-2, Tax statements, benefits, payroll history to entering a time sheet or leave request are great examples of HR cost avoidance. Managers can carry our approvals of Time Entry sheets, Travel & Expenses, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Leave Requests and much more, anywhere, anytime and in  in seconds, leading to higher employee satisfaction, thereby increasing your retention percentage.

Mobile Employee Self-Service - Benefits

Innovapptive can help you “Instantly” mobilize 

Innovapptive provides mPower HR ™ apps are tightly integrated with SAP HR modules, taking full advantage of mobile native capabilities such as geo-coding, camera and bar coding capabilities to further automate your HR job functions.  These apps support  organization’s bring-your-own-device initiatives and are built on cross-platform UI technologies to support all mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Google, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry and are available for both smart phones and tablets.

  • SAP Mobile Universal Approvals: A role based SAP certified native mobile solution contains 22 out-of-the-box SAP Approvals and eliminates the need for an app per approval work item, making daily routine tasks easier for employees and HR departments.
  •  SAP Mobile Travel and Expenses Solution: An SAP Certified Mobile solution for travel expenses, makes submitting and approving expense reporting  easier than ever. It is simple as create new expense reports, capture photos of receipts, save expense reports and attachments to SAP.
  • SAP Mobile Employee Self-Service: SAP certified mobile employee self-service (ESS) solution from Innovapptive’s mPower app suite offers the entire workforce immediate access to critical information, helping to attract and retain the highest quality employees.
  • SAP Mobile Manager Self-Service:  Innovapptive’s mobile manager solution for SAP HR, gives on the run manager’s access to critical HR and finance information to make real time decisions and minimize disruption and increase productivity. The app gives role based access to information to plan, measure, analyze and align objectives with those strategies and helps managers attract, engage, and retain key talent to be ready to execute.


Mobile Employee Self-Service - Time Sheets

Mobile Employee Self-Service – Time Sheets


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