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SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 – New Features

The acquisitions of Sybase and Syclo has gradually expanded SAP’s mobility platform. The three solutions work on different development platforms. SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 is a merger of the three approaches on the basis of open standards, thereby enabling organizations to develop, launch and manage a mobile solution that works both on a tablet and a smart phone.

Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) evolved as an industry-leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) in enterprise mobility connectivity. The first version of Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) 1.0 was released in 2008 with various versions that followed. The mobile application logic developed by the developers using Sybase Unwired Platform is automatically translated to a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems. SAP acquired Sybase in 2010 in order to drive higher user adoption of SAP software and enable Sybase mobile platform to connect to SAP and non SAP applications and data. The version 2.3 released in April 2013 was named as SAP Mobile Platform. SAP in the path of creating better collaborative environment is the new release of SAP Mobile Platform Version 3.0 with enhanced features over the 2.3 version.

The acquisition of Sybase also brought Sybase® Mobiliser technology, to SAP which helps to develop real-time enterprise mobile applications for both B2C and B2B/B2E. Sybase Mobiliser provides a dynamic real-time integration and rapid application development with a Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), flexible, offering support for all mobile channels. In addition, SAP subsequently acquired Syclo in June 2012

Syclo, popular in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) apps, also owned Agentry a mobile application development platform (MADP). Agentry is Syclo’s framework to develop, integrate, deploy and manage multiple mobile applications for the enterprises. Agentry, a popular platform among customers was also top ranked along with SAP SMP in Gartner’s report. Agentry features were imported to improve the SUP platform.

What is new in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

The merger of all three platforms of development and SAP’s mobile technology innovation makes SAP Mobility platform 3.0 one of the most compelling enterprise mobile platform capable in transforming enterprises mobility journey that includes total operational integrity. The new version 3.0, with its assured security helps organizations to concentrate on mobility rather than challenges to face. New features added to 2.3 version makes it more efficient and user friendly platform in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

Agentry Toolkit

Making pleasurable apps with user experience which delights the customers is the best way to capture customers which boosts productivity SAP updates its Agentry Toolkit with awesome features in its SMP 3.0 which allows UI control over the Agentry Screen. With this feature administration of the UI is simplified significantly. The new version gives flexibility to choose what is to be visible and when. It also supports development of offline applications and the development work is then shifted to Eclipse IDE.

The Exchange Data Model

The Exchange data model is a enterprise grade future ready solution that uses offline data when users synchronize clients. This helps in reducing the amount of resources in providing significant control over synchronization.

SAP Management Cockpit

The SAP Management Cockpit is now upgraded with new features making it impressive from the past version of SMP. It is similar to the old Sybase control center which was written it flash, now it is written in HTML making it work more smoothly helping in efficiently managing the backend modules and authentication.

OData Offline

The additional features added to OData help in Offline caching and JSON parsing. The SMP 3.0 OData libraries were based on the libraries from SUP 2.0, the new functionalities make it more enhancing. The parser is faster as it has less overhead.

On-Premises or Cloud Solution

As mobile devices work with a kind of wireless connectivity, it would be easier to use cloud connectivity of the SMP features. The complete functionality is seen in On-Premises solution if the organization has more complex applications and host their own data center. It is to choose if the deployment of SAP is for limited employees then the cloud version serves the purpose as it allows for scale and rapid deployment.


With an intention to provide standards-base mobility platform to industries SAP ‘s App Builder simplifies processes for creating apps in HTML5.

Client Hub

The Client Hub manages Single-Sign-On(SSO) on the device. It enables easier and faster enterprise wise deployments as it is integrated with Logon Manager, simplifying user on boarding and configuration. It is supported by Kaspel applications and native OData applications.

Kaspel SDK

Kaspel SDK, a set of open-source Apache Cordova framework, is included. Cordova provides a flexible open framework that allows to develop hybrid applications across multiple device platforms featuring a single common API.The pluginins of Kapsel constists of APPUpdate, AuthProxy, Logging, Logon, Push, EncryptedStorage and Settings

SMS ToolKit

The SMS toolkit has SMS Builder which can be used to develop short message server (SMS) mobile applications.

Portal Templates

Portal Templates are Web applications which can be used to customize mobile-banking needs. It includes the templates Administration Portal, Consumer Portal, Patner Portal.

The features make it more evident that SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 provides a cutting edge technology helping organization to deploy as well as develop consumer apps and enterprise apps to have a sustainable advantage in business.

Innovapptive is a leading SAP certified mobile application development and services partner. Innovapptive has the distinguished honor to be one of the few partner companies on the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 ramp up program. The ramp up program involvement has enabled Innovapptive to become a leader in mobile application development and deployment using the latest features and functionality of the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. Innovapptive also continues to leverage the SMP 3.0 platform to continuously innovate their mPowerTMApps Suite.

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  • John Wargo Reply

    The Kapsel SDK consists of plugins for the Apache Cordova framework. the plugins are AppUpdate, AuthProxy, Logger, Logon, Push and Settings.

    June 12, 2014 at 8:05 pm

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