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SAP Mobile Platform Licensing – Maximize your ROI

Not knowing the price of mobility can be a BIG problem. Some of the biggest challenges to implementing enterprise mobility solutions are –

  • Developing a mobile strategy
  • Identifying and prioritizing business cases
  • Choosing a platform and mobile technologies
  • Budgeting

The choice might be obvious for a lot of SAP’s customer base. With a unified solution offering under the SAP Mobile Platform, enterprises now have access to Sybase Unwired Platform, Syclo, Afaria and Netweaver Gateway. After your enterprise has spent significant resources in nailing down a mobile strategy and choosing a platform, there still are questions around cost. “How much is it going to cost in total?” In order to answer this question it is important to understand the components that make up a typical Mobile App available on the SAP store –

First Layer—The Back-End

SAP customers don’t need to pay additional licensing fees (beyond what they pay for their licenses already) to access the data they’re putting on their mobile devices—regardless of whether that data is in SAP or a non-SAP system.

Second Layer—The Mobile Platform

The mobile mid-tier enterprise license includes SAP NetWeaver Gateway,SUP, Afaria and the recent addition of Syclo. SAP offers various pricing options for their mobile platform, depending on the need. It is essential for enterprises to understand these options in order to maximize their investment.

Option 1: The Full License – This is a full use license and is priced per user. With the Full license the user can run any app on the SAP platform from productivity to process apps, custom or partner apps. This is the best choice for users who will use process apps as it will be more cost effective long term by allowing the user to run an unlimited number of apps on the platform. For SAP Mobile platform licensing questions as well as pricing discounts please contact .

Option 2: Limited Run-time License – It doesn’t make economic sense to invest in Full licenses when a user needs to use a few apps. Rather than purchase a full use license, a runtime license is purchased for each app that the user runs on SAP mobile platform.  The runtime license is priced as a % of the mobile app list price, which is a fraction of the app price. The limited run-time license is available for any SAP mobile app and SAP certified partner apps.

Option 3: Managed Mobility – This is SAP’s version of Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS). Under this license model service providers will resell the platform as a service to end customers.

Third Layer—The Applications

There are quite a few options available when it comes to sourcing Apps for the enterprise. To see the immediate ROI, you can opt for a few pre-packaged Apps that can be purchased from the SAP Store and they have licensable user-app pricing—ranging from $ 25 to $ 1500.

A key advantage of going with the pre-packaged app is the ability to consume limited run-time licenses. This is a huge cost-savings opportunity. Lets consider the Universal Approval App which lists for $69.99 per user. Cost of licensing this app would be between $7 to $15, depending on the number of licenses. If an enterprise decides to build a similar app in-house the license cost shots up to $1,500 per user license as custom built apps are not eleigible for the limited run-time pricing. Partners will develop most of the mobile apps for SAP—approximately 80 percent of the apps, SAP recently stated.

Finally, SAP and its partners offer Rapid Deployment Services (RDS) for deploying the mobile platform and platform apps. By adhering to a fixed cost, fixed scope and fixed timeline customers are able to see immediate results through a streamlined implementation.

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