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SAP Mobile Sales: Up-sell, Retain Existing Customers and Increase Sales Revenues by Over 15-25%

Mobile Sales Execution - Smartphones

Mobile Sales Execution – Smartphones

Strategizing how to optimize your sales force and up-sell?

Business organizations are constantly strategizing how, when, and where they can interact with their existing and new sales opportunities for their geographically dispersed sales teams. The competitive markets and changing buyer trends are initiating new business challenges to sustain and excel. The customer and sales force geographic dispersion is growing,traditional sales teams are over-burdened with the task of efficiently managing relationships.  The situation demands techniques and technology which can turn traditional business processes agile to result in  a productive sales force.

Mobile technology can turn traditional sales business processes agile

With the consumer apps, social media and games, mobile now is the technology in motion. It has changed how people transact and interact. The impact can be felt with the surging prominence of BYOD (bring your own device) and consumerization of IT. Surprising  that an average mobile user checks his mobile 150 times a day!! Does this mean anything to with businesses?   Yes, it means a mobile solution  can help businesses to sell more.

So how does an enterprise leverage the mobile revolution to impact their sales and marketing team?

Enterprises going Mobile can provide a flexible approach to maximize sales efforts and increase the accuracy of sales forecasting and revenue projecting.

From a marketing view of point, using multimedia is much easier and effective with a mobile device, for showcasing products and services than using a PDF brochure. Enabling access to required databases from any time, anywhere helps marketing teams have real-time campaign analytics at their fingertips. Marketing managers can make smarter decisions more effectively helping in better return on investment(ROI).

According to a study by Microstrategy, 50% of the sales executives stated that failure of organizations keeping product knowledge current was a major setback for the sales teams.One out every two sales personal stating the limited access to the key sales information is a challenge.  Moving to mobile strategy is a way to go for any company, but among the range of  mobile solutions available, how does an enterprise  decide upon which apps help sales and marketing strategies leverage mobility ?

SAP Mobile Sales Execution Solution

SAP Mobile Sales Execution Solution

Innovapptive’s offers comprehensive SAP Mobile solutions for sales

Innovapptive’s sales mobile apps are already mobilizingsome of the world’s largest customers and their sales forces  to empower them through the entire sales life-cycle. Innovapptive’s mobile solutions are integrated with both SAP ERP and SAP CRM, and provides your sales executives with ability to “instantly” provide customer quotes, enter sales orders, review customer payment history, review customer sales history, analyze any potential credit risks and process payments by  automatically linking them to the backend SAP ERP or SAP CRM system giving real-time information directly from the field, while replacing paper forms, back office redundant processing and reducing the need for a multi-step order processing. Sales mobile solutions from Innovapptive help the sales team with all the information that they need to close a sales deal at a customer site any time and anywhere.

Mobile Sales Execution - Customer Accounts

Mobile Sales Execution – Customer Accounts

  • Innovapptive’s SAP Mobile CRM Sales Execution Solution from Innovapptive increases efficiency of field sales execution. The native mobile application enhances productivity of the sales rep, by providing critical insights into sales  execution and increases revenue of customer location visits. By providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices, enterprises can ensure that the field sales reps are executing company’s brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives in a consistent and reliable way.
  • Innovapptive’s SAP Mobile Sales Manager Solution is an SAP® certified solution, an ultimate Mobile Sales solution that empowers sales managers. Using Innovapptive’s mobile sales managers solution, your sales force can have  a 360° visibility to their opportunities pipeline, historical data such as sales history, customer buying habits and customer fact sheets to result in higher deal closure and increased revenue.  Sales personnel can seamlessly craft a compelling sales story about how  the products and services can resolve customers’ critical business challenges, aligned with customer objectives and organizational dynamics. The app helps to deliver a differentiated sales experience and increase overall profitability for the company.
Mobile Sales Execution - Customer Invoices

Mobile Sales Execution – Customer Invoices






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