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SAP Syclo Inventory Manager RDS Implementation

SAP Syclo Inventory Manager RDS Implementation for a Leading Global Chemicals Company with Motorola MC9090 Rugged Handheld Devices

Traditional ERP systems were designed and built for office workers that have access to a desktop. However, within several industries, majority of their workforce are situationally away from desktops and carry out company critical tasks away from a desktop – Sales, Field Services, Warehouse and Plant Maintenance operations. These workers are disconnected from their company’s backend systems and do not have timely access to information or the ability to process information at the point of contact or occurrence.


A global leading chemical company, approached Innovapptive for a solution to connect these mobile workers and better manages their warehouse operations, to save time of their workforce, reduce errors, rework, and cut costs by connecting their employees to vital inventory and supply chain information from their SAP systems.


Our client provides specialty chemicals and has operations in three continents, with over 25 plants and 75+ warehouses and was looking to replace their inefficient paper based processes and implement a mobile solution to improve productivity of their entire supply chain workforce. Our client’s operations are extremely asset intensive and require substantial MRO inventories to keep their equipment up and running. In addition, the company was struggling with an inefficient process to maintain accurate inventory levels, and also meet customer order fulfillment from their 75+ warehouses.

Given the manual and inefficient processes to maintain accurate inventory levels, and lack of visibility into up to date stock information, our client was looking for a mobile solution which would require minimal manual intervention and faster turnaround times to view or process critical inventory information.

Innovapptive Solution

Syclo Apps Mobile Devices

Rugged Mobile Devices for Syclo Inventory Manager Mobile App

Innovapptive proposed to implement the SAP Syclo Inventory Manager Mobile solution Innovapptive’s leveraged its SAP qualified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) and conducted a thorough requirement gathering and GAP analysis to implement the SAP Syclo Inventory Manager App. The pre-configured >Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) was an attractive option to the customer as it is a defined time, defined cost and defined scope putting processes to work in a much clearer position. The Innovapptive RDS is delivered with supported guides, educational material and training of the Syclo/SAP Inventory Manager app to enable end-user easy adoption into the new system. Our team installed the SAP Agentry platform and customized the SAP Inventory Manager mobile application to meet customer requirements in less than 9 weeks.

As a result of this mobile solution implementation, our customer was able to easily maintain up to date stock levels, enable their field personnel to easily locate parts, tools and material they need, thereby dramatically reducing any inherent delay of operations.

In less than 3 weeks of the roll out, the customer had the ability to immediately improve visibility across the value chain, thereby tightening their supply chain and reduce inventory carrying costs which drastically reduced any service delays and prolonged outages and failures.

Innovapptive Solution Salient Features


  • Receive, issue, and transfer inventory
  • Prepick, pack, and stage items
  • Request, order, and install parts
  • Remove parts and process returns
  • Track materials by number, work order, bin, and location
  • Perform inventory counts

Innovapptive Solution Results & Benefits

With the new mobile solution, implemented by Innovapptive, our customer witnessed several benefits through improving inventory accuracy and visibility, which led to optimized sales planning, thereby increasing revenue through:

  • Reduced costs associated with delayed repairs
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Shortened or eliminate downtime resulting from part shortages
  • Tightened the supply chain, service response times, and ship-to-bill cycles
  • Improved workforce safety and productivity
  • Improved inventory accuracy while increasing warehouse staff efficiency
  • Paper-based processes were eliminated.
  • Reduced errors and associated rework.
  • Better service levels of maintenance workers
  • Increase in overall productivity.
  • Better decision making capability.
  • Better accuracy of order fulfillment.
  • Enhanced and optimized sales planning

For more information related to our SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) for SAP Mobile Platform, Syclo Agentry Platform, Syclo Mobile Apps, SAP Mobile Apps, Fiori and the mPower™ Apps Suite, please contact our team by clicking here.

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