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Unified SAP Mobile Approvals – Go beyond Email, Voice and Point Mobile Approval Solutions

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and apps brings a new era of intelligence and productivity that is hyper-connecting the entire world. The average consumer and employee is hungry for information and wants the ability to process information anywhere, anytime. The ‘Bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) is a disruptive phenomenon that puts tremendous pressure on IT to revamp and rethink its mobile strategy.

Whilst company senior executives are running their day-to-day life seamlessly with convenient mobile solutions on the consumer space, they are pondering why their company IT cannot bring simple functions such as SAP approvals to a mobile app?

This demand is pushing IT to find cost effective mobile approval solutions by either building them in house or evaluating pre-packaged mobile approval solutions. The right pre-packaged mobile approval solution can create a quick win for your enterprise and drive immense stakeholder buy-in. However, it is a cumbersome process to evaluate a crowded market of SAP Mobile Approval solutions. The SAP Store offers an array of mobile approval solutions and in this blog, I attempt to assist your evaluation experience and highlight the key features and functionality that you need to consider before you zero-in on any of the mobile approval solutions available in the marketplace.

Evaluate the following features in a SAP Mobile Approvals Solution

  • Consolidated view of all your SAP Approvals – Shopping Carts, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Travel & Expenses, Invoice exception processing, contracts, vendor master, journal entry, payments, invoices, service entry sheets, engineering change records etc.
  • Collective approvals of all your work Items
  • Configurable Dashboard with drag and drop features to prioritize your work items
  • Badges to drive proactive manager action
  • Push Notifications to drive proactive mobile action
  • Substitution/Delegation Feature
  • Forwarding Functionality
  • Attachments Processing
  • Approval/Rejection Notes
  • Native vs. HTML5 Solution

In addition, it is important that you avoid specific transaction approval (point) solutions in your evaluation criteria.

Transaction Specific (Point) Mobile Approval Solutions on SAP Store

Go Approve by Advent Global Solutions, Inc. (Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition Approvals)

ECO Approvals by VC ERP Consulting PVT LTD. (Service Entry Sheet Approval)




AMT Smart Approvals by AMT Consulting, LDA       (Leave Request Approvals)

Mobile Approvals (Invoices, Payments and Contracts Approval)

SAP Work Deck by SAP AG. (HR Approvals – Travel and Expenses and Leave Requests)

Mobile Work Center by Net4Site LLC (Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Approvals)

SAP Payment Approvals by SAP AG (Payment Approvals)

Imagine your senior executive’s smartphone flooded with all these approvals apps to process each transaction approval. A separate app for payments, purchase orders, purchase requisitions, leave requests, time entry?  Can you envision the cluttered and unorganized smartphone of your executive? I am sure you don’t want to annoy your senior executives – the sponsors of your mobile projects.

Excite your project sponsors with unified mobile approval Solutions


SAP Fiori and Mobile Universal Approvals (mWorklist 2.0) from Innovapptive Inc. are great options to consider when you are looking for a unified SAP Mobile Approvals solution.

SAP Fiori: A great HTML5 Mobile solution to deploy in your enterprise as SAP is heavily invested in expanding the scope of its application collection. It is built on HTML5/SAP UI5 and provides access to several of your approval transactions and more on multiple devices.

Mobile Universal Worklist: A unified native SAP mobile approvals solution that has shopping carts, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, blocked invoice resolution with GR creation, travel & expenses, contracts, invoices, WBS elements, sales orders, leave requests, time entry, vendor master, journal entry, service entries and more.

The native mobile app is also extremely rich in features and provides a configurable dashboard, collective approvals, forward functionality, attachments, approval and rejection notes, substitution/delegation capability and the ability to toggle between your inbox and your manager’s inbox.

Both products provide the opportunity to unify your SAP mobile approvals. The two differentiating factors between the products are:

  • Native vs. HTML5 (Depends on your Mobile Strategy)
  • Price Point from a per User License Perspective

We leave the decision up to the reader. Either way, Innovapptive can play as your trusted advisor to select the best solution to meet your needs and with Innovapptive being a certified SAP RDS Services partner; it can help you with your Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) implementation for both SAP Fiori and the Mobile Universal Worklist.

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