mPower™ Enterprise App Store

How do you intend to manage and distribute your enterprise mobile apps?

Consumer mobile savvy employees have enjoyed the comfort and accessibility to procure mobile applications through Apple, Google play, Blackberry and Windows Stores. These mobile savvy consumers, who are also your employees, demand to be connected to the enterprise through similar app stores. So what does your enterprise app store look like? Have you considered one?

Innovapptive’s mPower™ App Store helps your enterprise manage and distribute apps to your employees. The mPower™ App Store and its mobile application management (MAM) solution allows your IT to invite employees to self-enroll with user authentication to access a catalog of authorized mobile apps. Innovapptive's mPower™ App Store is a comprehensive mobile application management (MAM) solution that provides organizations with the fastest way to drive adoption and maximize mobile investments.

Comprehensive features

The apps and data secure custom, commercial or HTML5 apps and data on personal bring your own device (BYOD) or corporate mobile devices without requiring intrusive and cumbersome technology. Decrease the liability of access to personal information, while ensuring ongoing compliance with security policies.

Drive adoption, innovation and productivity by providing the easiest way for employees to find and use the right applications based on their role and device - whether personal (BYOD) or corporate owned - and help app developers and administrators gain insights to further enhance the mobile experience.

As the System of Record for enterprise mobile applications, our workflow-based approach simplifies managing every stage of the mobile app life cycle and makes it possible for IT departments to handle the complexity of supporting ever-changing versions of apps, operating systems and devices – whether personal (BYOD) or corporate owned.

Deliver mobile apps and data into the hands of all of your employees, from hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands, with a self-service model and minimal IT touch that scales up or down instantly as needed.

Wrap apps to protect sensitive data without the need to touch code or use SDKs, which allow corporate data to be secured invisibly to the end user and allows IT setup security policies on an app-by-app basis.

Innovapptive’s mPower™ app store and mobile application management (MAM) solution is a modular design architecture that facilitates managing all aspects of the entire app lifecycle including on-boarding apps from developers, scanning for malware, applying policies and credential signing.

Leverage enterprise credentials and use strong authentication/authorization for applying corporate login policies such as single sign-on (SSO) for apps as well as managing role based access.

Innovapptive’s mPower™ app store and mobile application management (MAM) solution allows app policies to respond, based on configurable rules without the need to recompile, resign or redistribute the app. Dynamic policies can be controlled at a granular level, based on the user’s mobile context, such as location, time, role, and much more.

Offers a powerful document management functionality that empowers tablet users to directly edit, mark-up and organize nearly any form of content, including word documents, excel spreadsheets, powerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos, podcasts and much more.

A completely familiar and branded, consumer-like app-store experience delivers the right apps to the right people without training. Users are finally part of the mobile app process with ideation and crowdsourcing capabilities.

Innovapptive’s mPower™ app store and mobile application management (MAM) solution is 100% architected to run in the public or private cloud, with global coverage and multiple service providers for no single point of failure and can scale quickly to hundreds of thousands of users instantly.