Field Services

Innovapptive mPower Field Services

mPowerTM field services mobile apps from Innovapptive drives productivity by enhancing field service operations. The field lead engineers, field service technicians, service coordinators and managers can access information from anywhere, anytime. This means they can eliminate delays and errors in compliant and return processes.

Field service employees that are equipped with our apps can verify entitlements to achieve consistent service compliance and meet customer expectations.

Leading the market needs continuous innovative ideas to gain customer satisfaction and retain existing customer base. Optimizing service processes to retain existing customer base and driving higher customer satisfaction for repeat business is a top priority. The cost of retaining customers and achieving higher customer satisfaction could be an expensive proposition, if the field service management processes are not optimized and automated.

Equipping field technicians with mobile apps that can view, execute and confirm customer services is the order of the day. mPowerTM apps suite from Innovapptive helps to efficiently organize, plan and dispatch resources in the field - creating a consistent customer service and expectations. Mobile apps from Innovapptive helps to integrate all field service processes, right from service planning and routing to order execution and billing.


SAP Mobile Work Orders - mWorkOrder

“Mobile is an essential element for executing a reliability centered maintenance (RCM) program, where you can save 30-50% of costs annually.”

Innovapptive’s SAP® certified mWorkOrder mobile solution delivers a prepackaged add-on for your central dispatchers to pro-actively schedule and assign work orders to field technicians. Field technicians can receive new work orders, push notifications and priorities in real time to avoid any potential equipment failure, unexpected downtime, safety and environmental risks and unmet production quotas – all of which negatively impact revenue.

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field services

SAP Mobile Field Service - mFieldServ

“Successful Fortune™ 100 companies are harnessing the power of Innovapptive’s mFieldServ mobile solution to accelerate and transform their business”

mFieldServ mobile solution transforms field service companies by providing field service technicians with full visibility about the customers and the assets that are required to be repaired. It also helps in confirming, if the asset is covered or billable, thereby avoiding the need for multiple trips to complete the job. mFieldServ mobile solution can integrate asset guided steps and instructions to help each worker complete the job quickly, safely and effectively in the shortest amount of time.

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SAP Mobile Rounds - mRounds

“Best-in-class companies are over 2.5 times more likely than the industry average to use mobile devices, while making their maintenance rounds."

Conditional monitoring of equipment & assets is critical to ensure the detection and prevention of failures and unplanned downtime. Operators have the best opportunity to collect the data that is needed to maintain the current condition of the equipment. Innovapptive’s mRounds mobile app, powered by SAP® allows you to record critical asset performance data points in real-time, without the use of manual paper forms. Assets that are trending towards failure are identified quickly, allowing you to reduce downtime and help maintain your equipment in a much better way.

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