Mobile Finance

Innovapptive mPower Finance Suite

mPower™ your finance organization to perform business critical activities by providing them real-time information anywhere, anytime!

Innovapptive’s mPower Finance ™ apps can be deployed on the cloud or on premise to rapidly mobilize your finance organization to perform business critical activities.

Employees can view up to date budget information and track their actual budget consumption vs. approved budget. A finance organization can view month end closing summary reports, profit & loss reports and balance sheets anywhere, anytime. Cash flow management has never been easier and treasury is empowered to integrate with supply chain teams to provide them with cash flow to avail early payment discounts. In addition to that, employees can reconcile company assets anywhere, anytime and there is no longer a need of using heavy RFID equipment to perform your asset reconciliation. mPower Finance ™ apps are tightly integrated with your SAP FI/CO and asset management modules, and our mobile apps can take full advantage of your phone’s native capabilities such as geo-coding, camera and bar coding to further automate your finance processes. Our apps support your organization’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and are built on cross-platform UI technologies to support all mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry. Our mPower™ app suite is also available for both smart phones and tablets.

Asset tagging, Geo-coding and Reconciliation - mAsset Tagging

Asset tracking and inventory management are key technologies that allow organizations to manage their assets and inventory to the greatest advantage.

Data collection technology enables life-cycle management of an asset, helping organizations gain maximum usage from items and ensuring that systems run at 100% efficiency by deploying an asset tracking or inventory management system.

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