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The Innovapptive - SAP Fiori RDS: Fast and Simple to Implement

The Innovapptive SAP-qualified rapid deployment solution (RDS) for SAP Fiori includes the new SAP Fiori apps and enables the implementation of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, SAP UI5 and one or more Fiori apps for full productive purposes in a fixed time and fixed price. SAP Fiori apps provides a simple and easy to use consumer-grade user experience that works seamlessly across devices – desktop, tablet or smartphone. Innovapptive’s RDS implementation for SAP Fiori operationalizes your workforce immediately and brings instant value to your enterprise.

RDS can help drastically reduce implementation efforts compared to a classical approach, since the base processes within the solution scope are very well defined best practices and more efficient than defining custom-specific processes. Tobias Ortwein, PAC. Sept. 2012

Package Highlights

  • Enables quick deployment and validation of the infrastructure required to run Fiori apps, within fixed time and cost boundaries.
  • Enables quick deployment of any number of licensed Fiori apps, within fixed time and cost boundaries.
  • Provide best practices for the deployment of production ready, secure Fiori infrastructure.
  • Provides an option to integrate Fiori apps with SAP Mobile Portal.

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Introducing SAP Fiori and Innovapptive RDS

Simplifying The Enterprise User Experience

With the growing expectations and demands for consumer-friendly interfaces in the workplace, there is a rapid change in the way people work, consume content, and experience technology. By creating intuitive format and user experiences, SAP® Fiori provides a collection of apps to simplify business daily tasks and drive enterprise wide productivity.

Provides your Enterprise an Instant Productivity Boost

SAP Fiori RDS allows employees to complete workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks across HR, finance, procurement, and sales more efficiently. With simplified and modernized user-experience, business users can easily submit an approval, input a leave request, quickly look up for a purchase order of shipment details. Innovapptive’s SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Fiori starts working within weeks, and instantly mobilize your employees and tremendously improve productivity enterprise wide.

Bring Simplicity and Speed to your SAP Fiori Deployment

Innovapptive’s proprietary SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP Fiori allows your enterprise to keep simple things, simple. A fixed cost and deployment timeline for the SAP Fiori solution allows your enterprise to quickly extend the value of your ERP investments. The RDS for SAP Fiori from Innovapptive offers a quick, cost-effective method for deploying standard processes and adopting the latest innovations in mobility. A typical deployment is less than 2 weeks, and helps customers lower total cost of ownership (TCO), speed up time to value and retain the flexibility to extend the solution.

Our SAP Fiori Implementation is Flexible and Modular

Our SAP Qualified Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) package is flexible and modular and allows customers to jump start with just one app or any combination of available 200+ Fiori apps. Our extensive experience in implementing SAP Fiori will provide your enterprise a cost-effective option to rapidly implement the required infrastructure, security, workflows and the mobile portal, that will deliver the full business value to your enterprise in under 2 weeks.

Value Drivers

  • Operationalize immediately and bring instant value to employees.
  • Maintains a simple, easy to use consumer grade experience helping in easy adoption of the system
  • Pre-packaged and predefined, reducing 40% of the time taken by traditional implementations, bringing down the cost of implementation and proving a better ROI.
  • Innovapptive’s proprietary pre-built templates, libraries and reusable code from our mPowerTM Apps Suite’s SAP UI5 portfolio will further accelerate your custom development efforts by over 50%.

Business Benefits

  • Extend the value of existing SAP investments.
  • The most broadly and frequently used business functions are renewed
  • Get operational within weeks, saving time and cost of implementation.
  • Rapidly simplify user experience for support managers, employees, sales representatives, and purchasing agents.
  • Can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices enabling employees to complete their tasks from anywhere.

Unique Differentiators

  • Customer success stories of deploying 150+ Fiori Apps
  • Leverages package extension accelerators
  • Simplified implementation of new Fiori apps
  • Minimized risk with a guaranteed timeline and predictable, upfront costs

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