Mobile Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Deliver what consumers expect – right products at the right time

The consumers’ spending patterns have undergone a deep transformation – they are now in the driving seat throughout the shopping process to derive the best out of their shopping experiences. Mobile solutions can play a major role in gauging the consumers’ spending patterns and can help companies deliver the products that consumers need most.

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Embrace mobility to drive consumer preferences – align products that meets consumers' preferences

With more number of companies foraying into the consumer goods segment to meet the ever growing needs of the consumers, it has become imperative for companies to constantly analyse the consumers’ tastes, preferences as well as gauge their spending patterns. By doing so, companies can have the opportunity to deliver the right products at the right time without compromising on quality.

In the above backdrop, mobile solutions in the consumer segment are successfully driving this engagement, helping companies to accelerate the time to market with products that consumers expect as well as respond proactively to dynamic consumer demands. Apart from that, companies can reach, engage and serve consumers with relevant, timely and tailor made information and offers along the complete path of shopping engagement. In other words, mobility can help organizations to continually engage and set up a dialogue with consumers on all existing and emerging touch points.

Unique challenges in the Consumer Goods segment

  • Inefficiencies and delayed response time in in-store opportunities and issues
  • Lack of an end to end integrated solution for automating paper based processes
  • Higher labor costs
  • More information demands from savvy shoppers that drives their purchase decisions
  • Anticipating consumer demands in advance to provide excellent customer service
  • Lack of real-time data analysis and inability to deliver content to preferred channels

55% shorter time to market for new products when there are comprehensive processes for product data management

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking

Leverage Innovapptive’s SAP® certified solutions for consumer goods industry to win opportunities for your business!

Enterprise Asset Management – mAssetTag

Optimize asset operations to offer the right products at the right time!

mAssetTag is a mobile app that is basically developed to support the existing SAP users of FI-AA module. Using this app, you can scan and geo-tag assets for effective tracking; add assets and complete physical asset reconciliation process (automatic verification of assigned batch of assets with physical assets).

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Mobile Inventory Management - mInventory

Reduce wastage, shrinkage and expenditure with timely product tracking and shipment status!

With mPower™ mInventory mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain and improve customer service.

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Mobile Quality Notifications - mQuality

Deliver quality products to your consumers by ensuring timely QC compliances!

The mQuality mobile app from Innovapptive transforms your quality control and assurance process to let you capture an SAP quality notification, along with images and GPS information - anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile Purchase Requisitions - mShop

Streamline self-service procurement by providing your consumers with instant access to myriad products!

Using mShop, a shopping carts approval app for SAP, you can view pending shopping cart requests and approve entire carts or individual cart items. Apart from that, this app also offers the flexibility to let you forward carts awaiting approval to your peer employee for further processing, in case you are on leave.

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Mobile Universal Approvals – mWorklist

Ensure timely approvals, improve product deliveries and optimize supply chain management!

Using mWorklist, you can a process a series of transactions involving timely approvals related to purchase orders, expense reports, time sheets, contracts, shopping carts and much more from the comfort of your mobile, anywhere, anytime.

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Purchase Order and Requisition Release - mRelease

Improve faster time-to-market with new products by seamless procurement process!

The PO or PR release strategy plays an important role in controlling budgets to avoid unnecessary expenditure and provides optimization of stock levels. The multi-level PO and PR release strategy provides a foolproof control mechanism to achieve this.

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Some of the typical areas of consumer goods industry where mobile can have significant impact are:


  • Manage and track contacts, store visits, orders and ensure timely compliances.
  • Enable sales reps to track the status of their sales orders, anywhere, anytime.
  • Enable sales reps to search and view the details of the products, anywhere, anytime.
  • Allow sales reps to execute lead to order sales processes.
  • Get a holistic view of your sales operations to let you track, analyse and take instant decisions.

Supply Chain

  • Enhance decision making with real-time visibility for in transit stock and updates on shipment status and conditions.
  • Enable faster time-to-market with new products.
  • Track and review KPIs and statuses across varied performance dimensions.
  • Engage proactive communication, engagement and collaboration with suppliers.
  • Have real time information about suppliers to analyse and track their distributional patterns.


  • Analsze consumer behavior for gaining valuable insights by proactively engaging consumers at various touch points.
  • Provide consumers with up to date information about your various products to influence their buying behavior.
  • Create loyalty programs, drive sales and generate revenue.
  • Boost sales revenues via multiple channels and improve market share and visibility.

Product Development

  • Monitor and gauge consumer sentiments about products in real-time.
  • Engage and set up a dialogue with consumers directly to provide feedback on innovation initiatives.
  • Proactively analyse consumers’ buying patterns and accordingly customize products, based on their behavior and sentiments.

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