Mobility solutions for Transportation and Logistics industry

Optimize process efficiency, drive greater value and improve credibility

With transportation & logistics playing a key role to power the economic engine of a country, it is pertinent that their traditional operational practices need to undergo a sea change due to increase in demand for goods and services to stay afloat and competitive in turbulent times. Mobility and automation can play a major role to transform their operations and other supporting systems that are critical to ensure enhanced visibility, better decision making and improved performance.

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Leverage mobility for enhancing every facet of your operations -right from fleet management to customer service.

With mobility making rapid inroads into the logistics industry, the traditional landscape of manual processes are getting replaced with automation impacting standardized processes and workflows. Mobility can work wonders in every facet of the logistics industry -be it cargo, freight transportation, logistics services and freight documentation.

In fact, automating key processes such as sales & customer service functions, addressing capacity planning and archaic logistical workflows can go a long way in improving greater level of visibility, enabling quick decision making, better margins and higher productivity. Precisely stated, mobility is becoming the new face of customer experience and engagement, transforming the traditional landscape of the transportation & logistics industry.

Unique Challenges for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

  • Increased need for inbound and outbound freight visibility and control
  • Redundant and archaic logistical processes that delay the delivery of goods on time
  • Lack of proper analytics to gauge the performance of the operations leading to chaos and customer dissatisfaction
  • Manual processes and legacy systems that lead to poor customer response
  • Inaccessibility of critical data for field and logistical personnel to track the movements of goods and cargo.

Unplanned costs can be reduced by 20% through visibility into in-transit and network-wide inventory

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking

Innovapptive's SAP certified solutions for the logistics industry

Mobile Work Order Management -mWorkOrder

Reduce equipment downtime and lower operating costs

mWorkOrder mobile solution delivers a prepackaged add-on for your central dispatchers to pro-actively schedule and assign work orders to field technicians. Field technicians can receive new work orders, push notifications and priorities in real time to avoid any potential equipment failure, unexpected downtime, safety and environmental risks and unmet production quotas -all of which negatively impact revenue.

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Mobile Inventory Management - mInventory

Increase productivity, lower costs & optimize your supply chain

Extend your inventory management system into the field to increase availability and avoid downtime! With mPower mInventory mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain and improve customer service.

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SAP Mobile Rounds -mRounds

mRounds mobile solution allows you to record critical asset performance data points in real-time without the use of manual paper forms. Assets that are trending towards failure are identified quickly, allowing you to reduce downtime and help you maintain your equipment in a much better way.

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Mobile Universal Approvals - mWorklist

SAP approvals made easy to enhance operational efficiency!

Using mWorklist, you can a process a series of transactions involving timely approvals related to purchase orders, expense reports, time sheets, contracts, shopping carts and much more from the comfort of your mobile, anywhere, anytime.

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Mobile Employee Self Service - mEmployee

Empower your employees like never before - anywhere, anytime.

mEmployee solution enables more effective communication across the organization and significantly improves employee productivity.

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Let mobility define the way you deliver -improve customer experience and greater visibility

Examples of high-value processes that can drive the greatest measurable benefits from mobile solutions include:

Sales & Customer Service

  • Improve self-service for customers
  • Enable sales executives to access crucial data (statistics) for better decision making
  • Eliminate tedious manual tasks that otherwise impact the fleet & travel operations
  • Augment sales revenues via different channels and enhance market share.


  • Gain higher visibility into inventory and costs for better operational planning
  • Optimize costs and enhance capacity control
  • Eliminate redundant manual and archaic processes to improve operational excellence and improved customer support
  • Ensure quick tracking and optimization of routes, thereby reducing overall operational overheads

Finance & analytics

  • Enhance decision making across core areas of financial domain by having greater control of financial inflow and outflows
  • Get instant access to key financial indicators and track performance with up-to date analytics and reports
  • Enhance responsiveness for internal employee productivity by way of Finance automation.

Freight documentation

  • Optimize capacity utilization
  • Equip shippers and customer brokers to file shipment instructions online
  • Minimize errors through electronic generation and delivery of manifest
  • Ensure secured product distribution and traceability

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