Managed Mobility

Optimize your Mobile Assets

If your enterprise is typical, your employees, customers and partners would steadily increase their use of wireless technologies, apart from demanding mobile access to business-critical information and applications. From initial planning and design to integration and implementation, we offer support at every step.

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Innovapptive offers end-to-end managed mobility solutions that are fine-tuned to your business requirements. These solutions focus on reducing costs, improving service levels and enhancing employee productivity. Innovapptive will work with you to integrate, support and manage mobile solutions for key enterprise applications such as ERP, field services, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM) and messaging.

A recent Gartner report concluded that “the rise of ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ programs is the single most radical shift in the economics of client computing for business, since PCs invaded the workplace.”

Our Services at a Glance

Ongoing management of apps and users’ access to those apps is a crucial concern for enterprises. Apps will need to be updated, perhaps many times triggered by operating system upgrades and new device introductions. Access needs will be managed with changes in your employee base and partner ecosystem. Apps from public stores need to be managed and deployed at appropriate departments/groups. Driven by customer demand, market opportunity and significant experience in SAP enterprise mobility, Innovapptiave’s offering will support all sizes of enterprise mobility deployments. Innovapptive’s managed mobility services include –

Cross Platform

Support for full range of mobility devices deployed in an organization, plus device configurations and applications.

App Deployment

Creating app packages for deployment through your ecosystem - add, update and remove apps

Device and App Security

Create security and configuration policies that adheres to your enterprise IT security policy.

Device and OS upgrades

Manage mobile device and OS upgrades to ensure that all mobile applications meet the operating system’s requirements.

New Employee Onboarding

Onboard new employees and get them up and running on your mobile platform through our self-service enrolment.

24x7 Helpdesk Services

Availability of automated help desk and user self-service 24x7 to help make the level 1 service desk staff instant mobility management experts.

What does this mean for your enterprise?

  • Manage and secure your mobile devices
  • Support BYOD programs
  • Deploy and support mobile apps across multiple platforms
  • Integrated mobile app management (MAM) + mobile device management (MDM)
  • Increased productivity, leading to higher ROI
  • Higher employee satisfaction

In addition to the above services, Innovapptive offers an end user support services, which allows enterprises to offload support for all of their mobility issues to Innovapptive’s mobility experts. Innovapptive handles issues related to the major mobility platforms, mobile devices and the line of business applications that the enterprise workforce depends on to work productively. To learn more about our managed mobility services, please call us at (713)-300-3762 or complete our contact form. An associate from Innovapptive will get back to you within 24-48 hours.