Mobile Quality Notifications

Stay ahead of competition with real-time Quality Control and Assurance

Quality managers, inspectors and operators are challenged with manual processes to capture the quality issues of accurate inspection lot. Quality managers on the shop floor experience a tremendous loss of productivity due to redundant quality related data entry and image capturing process to create an SAP quality notification for an inspection lot. The mQuality mobile app from Innovapptive transforms your quality control and assurance process by enabling you to capture an SAP quality notification, along with images and GPS information - anywhere, anytime.

What can mobile quality do for you?

Innovapptive’s mQuality mobile app allows quality managers to create SAP quality notifications in real-time by capturing the product defect details and images using their mobile devices. This mobile app allows you to create the SAP quality notification with reference to an SAP document, which can then be assigned to a coordinator for faster processing of the defect resolution to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Product defects arising from a customer, vendor or internal production problems can be captured real-time on the shop floor or at the warehouse against goods movement. mQuality mobile app enables shop floor managers, operators, quality managers and inspectors to efficiently manage and assure product quality, monitor and improve quality standards and document quality compliance for subsequent audit.

SAP offers a powerful quality management solution as an integral part of mySAP ERP. However, the user interface and lack of mobility to record in-process quality data is unsuitable for operators or quality inspectors in the shop floor. mQuality mobile app enables monitoring of critical product and process characteristics and allows instantaneous intervention by empowering your quality managers/inspectors the ability to create an SAP quality notification that assists in ISO, GMP, legal and compliance requirements.

Business benefits

  • Consistent and transparent data – company-wide easy communication of quality information across company boundaries.
  • Documents product quality to achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Higher quality performance, while lowering cost-of-quality delivery.
  • Efficient processing of quality issues using workflows.
  • Higher product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Superior and cost-effective quality compliance.
  • Continuous quality improvement.

Value drivers

  • Drive SAP quality notification capture at the point of identifying the defect.
  • Comprehensive problem handling for all types of complaints.
  • Supports automatic or manual triggered inspections.
  • Documentation and audit trails enable rapid root-cause analysis to minimize cost of compliance and recalls.