Mobile Sales Execution

SAP Mobile Sales Execution

Maximize Sales Effectiveness In the Field

Innovapptive's Mobile Sales Execution app from Innovapptive empowers your field sales reps with the necessary information, and tools to enhance efficiency of field sales execution. The native mobile application enhances productivity of the sales rep, by providing critical insights into field sales execution and increases revenue of your field visits. By providing anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functions from mobile devices, your enterprise can ensure that the field sales reps are executing your brand and product strategies, tactics and objectives in a consistent and reliable way.

Sales reps can perform key activities such as sales order creation, sales quotation creation and submitting competition information, right in the store. Empower field sales store visits to ensure on-shelf availability, efficient channel inventory, and effective promotions. With access to critical data in the SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP applications sales teams can perform key activities right in the field.
“Innovapptive mSalesExecution mobile app provides ready access to merchandising related data, and allows sales reps to submit non-compliance of product placement agreements and promotions

Your road warrior sales reps need access to SAP CRM to have up to date information on leads, opportunities, tasks, in-store placement and pricing reflects the latest promotions and agreements. Field sales reps struggle with manual paper based processes to record notes, and information about their in-store visits for merchandisers and promotion planners to have a complete insight to introduce and promote products that consumers want. To ensure superior merchandising and customer relationships, you need to be on top of the latest promotions, product placement agreements, and store sales.

The mSalesX mobile solution allows managers to share sales quotas and individual sales target performances as a relative comparison to your territory sales reps targets. This provides field sales reps insights into their individual performance, which thereby creates a healthy competitive motivation factor to consistently meet your sales targets and goals.

mSalesExecution Key Features

  • Time Entry: punch in and punch out to record your day to day attendance.
  • Leave Requests: Apply for leave.
  • Customer Overview : View contact information, phone, email and address.
  • Near Me feature: View customers near you and optimize field visits.
  • Sales Order History: View the history of the sales orders including deliveries, invoices and payment statuses.
  • Sales History: Display customer sales history and targets.
  • Product Information: View product availability, base category, sales category and base unit of measure.
  • Credit Risks: View pending invoices and credit risks
  • Sales History: Display customer sales history and targets.
  • New Customer Accounts: Request New Customer Account, Size and Revenue Opportunity.
  • Compare Me Feature: Review individual sales performance relative to territory sales reps.
  • Submit Sales Orders: Copy, change and create new sales orders from previous sales orders.
  • Manage Returns: Create and manage returns during store visits.
  • Submit Competition Information: Submit competition facts such as balance stock, pricing and store shelf optimizations .
  • Submit Surveys and Feedback: Conduct surveys and submit feedback for promotion compliance and planogram checks.

mSalesExecution Value Drivers

  • Empower Field Sales Force: Maximize store visits with mobile access to SAP CRM and SAP ERP that provides sales reps up to date information if customers.
  • Maximize Value of Store Visits: Make notes, create real-time sales orders, and invoices that can be emailed to customer with a few clicks.
  • Measure Competition with Real-Time Field Information: Monitor and submit competition pricing, stock levels, and submit shelf location pictures.