Mobile Sales Manager

The ultimate mobile sales solution for your mobile sales force

Empower your sales personnel with the ultimate mobile sales solution to deliver a differentiated sales experience and increase overall profitability of your company! Innovapptive’s mSales mobile app is an SAP® certified solution that helps your organization’s sales force to transform and meet customer needs faster and more effectively. Several Fortune™ 1000 enterprises across the globe have increased their sales revenue by 12 – 20% by delivering real time customer products, services and opportunity information to their sales personnel anywhere, anytime. mSales mobile app improves the overall effectiveness of the enterprise sales personnel’s interactions with customers, decision makers or influencers across geographies to close more deals on the go.

Accelerate the sales cycle by empowering your road warrior sales reps to do more anywhere, anytime. Make the best use of their time, including reducing inefficient time lost in travel and waiting.
mSales mobile app helps sales professionals differentiate their sales pitch with customers, so they can acquire, grow and retain profitable relationships. Equipping your sales force with the mSales mobile app is the cornerstone to improving your sales revenues, meeting sales quotas, accelerating buying decisions and maximizing team productivity on-the-go. You can outperform competition by delivering real time customer insights and sales critical information on any device, anywhere, anytime

Increase your enterprise sales conversion rate by providing critical sales information in any place and at any time! Enterprise sales personnel can use the mSales mobile app to have a 360° visibility pertaining to their opportunities pipeline, historical data such as sales history, customer buying habits and customer fact sheets to deliver a higher deal closure and increased revenue. Your sales personnel can now seamlessly craft a compelling sales story about how your products and services can resolve customers’ critical business challenges, aligned with customer objectives and organizational dynamics.

Delivering the right information at the right time and in the right place is key to creating a successful and a scalable sales organization. More and more sales reps are either road warriors or sky warriors and the ability to access information in places without a Wi-Fi is critical to increasing their effectiveness. mSales mobile app supports offline and online mode, and your sales reps can continue working offline and synchronize data when backing up online. The “Near Me” feature quickly identifies more and more customers that the sales reps can call and optimize their inefficient travel and wait time.

Enterprise sales reps must collaborate and engage with appropriate resources at the right time to orchestrate deals. Sales reps can effectively collaborate with subject matter experts, by inviting, assigning, and accepting tasks, leads and opportunities – effectively harnessing the collective genius of the enterprise to accelerate the sales cycle. mSales mobile app empowers your sales reps with effective collaboration of complete lead-to-quote-to-order cycle and shrinks elongated enterprise sales cycle.

Value drivers

  • Access SAP CRM/SD customer accounts and contacts
  • Review sales pipeline, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders and calendar in real time
  • Plan calls with pre-built tools, including account fact sheets, surveys and marketing attributes
  • Find nearby leads, contacts and customers through map integration
  • Securely execute lead-to-quote-to-order processes

Business benefits

  • Reduce call planning and execution time.
  • Speed up the sales cycle by creating quotes and opportunities on the go.
  • Locate and call customers "Near Me" to reduce inefficient travel and wait times.
  • Collaborate with colleagues by creating, assigning and accepting tasks, leads, and opportunities.
  • Provides total configuration flexibility, offline access and ability to run natively on any device.