Mobile Universal Approvals

Notifications, Workflows and Approvals
- On Any Device

Most enterprises struggle with timely approval of several key business processes. The inability of your workforce to make real time decisions creates an inefficient process and lowers the adoption rate of your expensive investments in SAP.

Eliminate the breakdown in your traditional processes and empower your workforce to carry out work anywhere, anytime.

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One App for All your Workflows and Tasks

The world is going mobile, so should your corporate and field approvals! The mWorklist solution is a role based native mobile application that contains over 30 out-of-the-box SAP approvals and eliminates the need for an app per approval work item.

"With Innovapptive’s mobile universal approvals solution, we now not only have a one stop shop mobile approvals solution, but also a strategic partner to help us “instantly mobilize” future mobile use cases, enhance our end-user experience with SAP and to improve overall employee productivity.”

Chad Wyckoff, Application Solutions Director, Forest City Enterprises

Push Notifications

Enable quick response to drive pro-active decision making, enhance mobile adoption and engage your employees.Push notifications are great for keeping users informed with timely and relevant content.

Eliminate Bottlenecks Caused by Delayed Approvals

Provide senior executives with the tools they need to keep approvals moving — and make important business decisions — even when they’re on the go.

SAP Certifed Mobile App and Integration Components

SAP certification for mobile apps and the integration services, which signals to customers the quality of the packaged mobile app from the device to the back-end-integration level.

Offline Synchronization

With the market's leading mobile synchronization capabilities, mWorklist keeps managers and executives productive with the right data to complete all their workflow tasks.

Key Features

Push Notifications

Drive pro-active decision making, enhance mobile adoption and engage your employees.


Badges indicate that a new work-item is waiting. Get informed on your pending items on the home screen.

Collective Approvals

Need to approve 100 to 200 items daily? Simultaneously approve or reject all line items with a single click.


Integrated substitution functionality to delegate inbox when you are on a vacation.

Custom Dashboard

Easily rearrange, hide and show your work-items, based on the priority and usage.

Offline Mode

Execute your Inbox even when you're out of the network coverage and sync once you're back in the coverage.