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Innovapptive, a market leader in SAP enterprise mobility, invites you to review the benefits that you can accrue from of our partner program

With a revolutionary approach to SAP mobility, Innovapptive is transforming how enterprises run mobile. We offer unique opportunities to referral and reseller partners of all sizes and a number of benefits that are unique to the enterprise mobility marketplace. Some of the key benefits, which you can accrue are as follows:

Recurring Revenue Model - Our partners experience a substantial and high margin revenue stream. By leveraging HANA Cloud Platform(HCP) our partners can expect a low friction, highly predictable, and repetitive bottom-line impact.

Large addressable market - There is an enormous global market of prospects (270,000+ SAP customers) seeking to extend their back-end SAP to mobile devices. Innovapptive’s solutions service all of these opportunities for client operations of any size.

Rapid Sales Cycle - Our sales cycles are short - generally 120 days or less. Our engagement model does not require travel, complex proposals, or protracted negotiations.

Robust Marketing Support - We provide effective lead generation and market awareness that is specific and effective. Innovapptive will align with you to create a powerful joint demand generation program to drive pipeline.

Low Selling Cost - The upfront sales investment is normally some web based lead generation followed by a software demo (which Innovapptive will initially present on your behalf.)

Client support handled by Innovapptive - Annual client support requirements are minimal. Our easy implementations do not require a complex negotiation or integration. Innovapptive can provide the professional services or as a partner, you can acquire the skills necessary to deliver our solutions autonomously by joining the services partner program

Dynamic Product Development – Innovapptive’s customers and prospects drive innovation. We closely follow our customers’ needs and design solutions that exceeds their expectations. Our more popular solutions are driven by a comprehensive product road map, however, customer demand only drives the innovation.

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