Innovapptive's Partner Program Overview

As the market leader for SAP enterprise mobility, Innovapptive offers unique opportunities for referral and reseller partners of all sizes. In addition the fast paced incremental revenue and new customer acquisitions, Innovapptive offers many other partner benefits which are unique in the enterprise mobility marketplace:

Some of the benefits are outlined as follows:

  • Recurring revenue model
  • Large addressable market
  • Rapid sales cycle
  • Client support handled by Innovapptive
  • Dynamic product development

Referral Enhanced Resellers Premium Resellers
Volume Commitment No Yes* Yes*
Minimum Commitment $0 Yes* Yes*
SE's Certification NA Yes Yes
Sales Certification NA Yes Yes
Discount Yes Enhanced Premium
Registration Incentive NA Yes* Yes*
Marketing Support NA Yes* Yes*
Client Support Yes Yes Yes

Innovapptive's Reseller Partner Qualification

Is your company an SAP certified partner?

Is your company willing to meet a minimum quarterly revenue commitment?

Is your company an established VAR for other SAP related products and services?

Do you have a prospect/customer for an immediate qualified resale opportunity (with budget, authority, need and timing documented and confirmed)?

If your organization is not an SAP certified partner, can you provide references from other SAP certified partners where they have VAR relationships?

Our minimum qualifications are SAP certification and one additional qualifying item. If you are not an SAP certified partner, then you at least satisfy the two of the above requirements. If your organization does not qualify as a reseller, a referral relationship can easily be established

A referral partner is one who introduces Innovapptive to a qualified opportunity that can close within 6 months. The referral partner will receive a 7% commission on the contract/P.O. value