Mobile Production Orders

SAP Mobile production order

Innovapptive’s production order mobile app (mProdOrder) empowers plant managers and supervisors to optimize the confirmation of operations in real time at the plant. This mobile app provides full visibility to company headquarters to track and monitor the on-time delivery of manufacturing projects.

Gain productivity and enhance visibility to production

Today, industrial enterprises need to survive in a dynamic market condition that is subject to ever-increasing and changing requirements. An agile manufacturing enterprise must have access to real-time critical production information to rapidly adapt to new manufacturing operations. Innovapptive’s production order mobile app (mProdOrder) empowers your plant managers and supervisors to optimize the confirmation of operations in real time at the plant. This app provides full visibility to company’s headquarters to track and monitor on time delivery of manufacturing projects.

Plant managers and supervisors can be more productive than ever before by simply confirming production order execution at the point of completing the operations, anywhere, anytime. Eliminating paper based processes, which are prone to errors and rework creates a real time and highly visible manufacturing process that eliminates communication gaps on issues or approvals that are sent to company’s headquarters.

Companies can now enjoy the benefits of real time visibility into the manufacturing processes and operations completion to drive better decision making on build vs. buy. Innovapptive offers a fully integrated mobile solution for production order confirmation that allows manufacturing plant and company headquarters to communicate in real time. Creating a highly responsive and effective organization is critical to provide total cost transparency – at any time and at any stage of the production – and allows you to compare different production process variations as well as resulting profits, even as early as bidding stages.

Key features and value drivers

  • Eliminate paper based processes for managing production order confirmation and employee time based operations.
  • Scan production orders, enter yield, scrap and rework for operations.
  • Ensure complete confirmation of production operations.
  • Ensure production order confirmation and immediately create a goods movement.
  • Search and display production orders by plant and materials.
  • Display production order details such as operation and component overview.

Business benefits

  • Reduce complexity, increase agility and drive real time transparency.
  • Get efficient real-time insights into scrap and rework quantities for a production order.
  • Get real-time visibility into expected yield from a production order.
  • Efficiently manage time for employees associated with the production process.
  • Reduce lead times to react to production requests for manufacturing and production.
  • Ensure real-time remote monitoring and tracking of manufacturing status.
  • Get comprehensive visibility to make informed buy vs. build decisions.