Mobile Purchase Requisitions

Streamline self-service procurement &
eliminate non-compliance - anywhere, anytime

Field employees in industries such as engineering & construction or sales reps do not have the ability to raise a self-service requisition anywhere, anytime. These field employees choose the least path of resistance by consistently ordering goods and services over the phone and requesting the creation of a purchase requisition. This non-conformance with standard purchasing processes has a significant impact on opportunities to save costs and increases the risk of non-compliance pertaining to procurement. Innovapptive’s mMobile purchase requisition - mShop, an SAP certified mobile solution empowers your field workforce to raise and manage their requisitions - anywhere, anytime.

Key features and value drivers

  • User defaults for most often used master data.
  • Order from previous requisitions and streamline mobile requisitioning.
  • Mobilize self-service procurement for material purchases, non - material (free text) purchases, service procurement and contracted catalogue purchases.
  • Contract uploads with images and attributes, made available as catalogues.

Business benefits

  • Minimize process costs and purchasing prices through promoting self-service procurement anywhere, anytime.
  • Accelerate cycle times by automating procurement processes through mShop’s automated contract catalogues
  • Eliminate the need for expensive SAP tools such as SAP SRM and SRM-MDM catalogues.
  • Integrate merge disconnected applications and leverage e-Procurement benefits of your SAP ECC investments.
  • Realize and monitor contract discounts and savings.

Focus on strategic initiatives & savings opportunities

Procurement departments are often burdened by the administrative tasks in procurement of these routine maintenance, repair and overhaul items and services. Field employees may not have access to your SAP SRM or other e-procurement tools, which implies that your procurement department will likely get bogged down in organizing and processing requisitions and answering queries about the status of the transactions. mShop mobile solution from Innovapptive eliminates the need for your procurement staff to work on these administrative tasks and helps them focus on key strategic issues.

Reduce costs to automate procurement processes

Implementing and supporting an internal e-catalogue solution is extremely expensive. Innovapptive’s mShop mobile solution comes pre-packaged with features to upload contracts with line item details, images, additional attributes and views capability. These internal catalogues can then be readily available on the mShop mobile solution to promote compliance and automation of your procurement processes.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of e-procurement

Implementing an e-procurement solution can be an extremely expensive affair with respect to software licensing, integration, implementation and support costs. mShop is an SAP certified solution that is available in SAP UI5 and is built on your core SAP ECC system to leverage the full benefits of e-procurement and self-service procurement - anywhere, anytime.

Think beyond the web to leverage maximum e-procurement benefits

The full benefits of investing in an e-procurement solution goes beyond a web based solution. Eliminate centralized requisitioning and purchasing by mobilizing your entire workforce to raise requisitions anywhere, anytime. mShop mobilizes your workforce on the web or any other mobile device and empowers them to conform with standard procurement processes.