Integrating SAP - ESRI GIS to Support Your Enterprise Mobile ROI

Webcast Information:

The demand for Geospatial Intelligence is shifting from IT-centered platforms and specialized tools, to modern line of business focused solutions. Cloud, open source, mobility, and big data have disrupted and enhanced the GIS experience.

Watch this webinar for a LIVE demo of the Critigen Lemur™ solution with real-time and direct integration into SAP ERP. Our speakers Ty van den Akker - Integrated GIS Products at Critigen and Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development and Solution Engineering will paint a picture for GIS and SAP stakeholders, how enterprises can succeed in using real-time data from SAP and GIS to streamline business processes.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can :

  1. See SAP assets + GIS data + your location, on the same map. Use device-native apps on Windows and Android and take your app offline.
  2. Launch SAP record view, create, or edit actions directly from the affected location, equipment, notification or work order shown on the map.
  3. Improve data alignment between GIS and SAP inherently.
  4. Implement fast and with low-risk; Upgrade and port easily to new devices and apps.
  5. ​ Configure GIS caching in the Geocache tier to support space-efficient offline work within user’s assigned region.
  6. Leverage current and future SAP geo enablement.
Featured Speakers -

Ty van den Akker - Critigen Lemur™ Product Manager, Critigen
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Marketing, Innovapptive Inc

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