SAP Screen Personas White Paper Download

SAP Screen Personas is a new age UI tool that is redefining the way business processes are being implemented and screens are being designed, taking into consideration the growing expectations from the SAP users. Customers are looking for simple and user-friendly SAP systems that eliminates the clutter and complexity of typical business processes that their users encounter, and at the same time providing a great look and feel for the screens that they encounter on a day to day basis. SAP Screen Personas offers intuitive screens that enhance usability – integrates functionality, performance and user experience.

With more intuitive SAP screens, organizations can improve user satisfaction, improve training time and optimize resources on screen modications. SAP Screen Personas oers one of the best methods to enhance SAP usability.

Key Takeaway from This White Paper:

  • What is the right User Experience (UX) platform - SAP Screen Personas or SAP Fiori?
  • Understand the needs of the users who will be using the simplified SAP screens.
  • Analyse your business needs to assess what information is critical and what can be safely ignored.
  • Follow user-centric processes to identify and prioritize where to commence.
  • Core features of SAP Personas 3.0 version.
  • SAP Personas: Scope and limitations.
  • Value proposition with flavours.