Service Order Mobile Solution

Increase productivity & customer satisfaction with an exceptional Mobile Field Service Solution

About whitepaper:

Establishing connection with your field service team is imperative to consistently deliver a culture of exceptional service across your company. For field service technicians, getting the job done right means having the resources to complete their work correctly the first time and avoid logistical complications. Organizations that use Mobile Field Service Solution software have seen an increase in jobs completed per day as high as 47 percent, which represents strong improvement in job efficiency.

This white paper provides an overview of how to empower your technicians with on the go mobile technology. Also, about Innovapptive’s mServiceOrder mobile app and its features and business benefits.

Key Takeaways from this Whitepaper –

  1. Boost productivity by streamlining communications and eliminating paperwork.
  2. Avoid business disruptions and improve asset utilization significantly with planned maintenance.
  3. How you can empower technicians with on the go mobiles.
  4. Service companies can leverage Mobile Field Service Solution to add value. Read about all the key areas within.
  5. Resolve service issues with Innovapptive’s mServiceOrder and develop customer trust.
  6. Enhance the overall customer experience with RACE™.
  7. 40% rise in productivity to drive higher operational efficiency.
  8. Drive improved visibility and information on the field, via out of the box, configurable and customizable mobile applications that have access to information anytime, anywhere to connect mobile workers.

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