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SAP Mobile Platform rapid deployment solution is used to set the foundation for the deployment of existing SAP and Partner’s mobile apps as well as a development landscape for the creation of new mobile applications.

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The SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) is an on-premise or cloud-based mobile application development platform that accelerates the development and delivery of secure, highly scalable Business to Enterprise and Business to Consumer mobile applications on any device. As the industry's leading Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP), the SMP gives organizations the ability to quickly and securely make their mobile strategy a reality with packaged or custom developed applications for every user.

Rapid-deployment solutions can help drastically reduce implementation efforts compared to a classic approach, since the base processes within the solution scope are very well defined best practices, and more efficient than defining custom-specific processes. Tobias Ortwein, PAC. Sept. 2012

Package Highlights

  • Full implementation and configuration of the required platform components (SAP Mobile Platform, NetWeaver Gateway) including high availability, security and push.
  • Full development environment set up for all the supported development scenarios.
  • Integration to the various back end systems.
  • Sample apps to introduce how to setup and verify the development environment.
  • Supported devices: iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Product Sheet

SAP Mobile Platform and Innovapptive RDS

Accelerate Mobile Application Development Lifecycle to Support an Array of Use Cases

The SAP Mobile Platform empowers businesses to establish a long term foundational strategy of designing, developing and building mobile applications. Each industry has specific use cases that drive the need to build or deploy offline mobile applications to simplify mission-critical operations of their workforce. The SAP Mobile platform 2.3 accelerates Innovapptive’s and our customer's mobile application development lifecycle, to support online and offline mobile cross-industry applications, such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resources, product life cycle management, business intelligence, and industry-specific applications tailored for their industry.

Create, Connect, Control and Consume on One Single Platform

The offline and online scenarios require common IT and application management capabilities, remote device management, device, data, and transport security, ability to troubleshoot error conditions with supportability toolsets, secure onboard processes to bring user devices into the enterprise landscape. These common characteristics introduce a requirement for a common platform covering both application categories –The SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

Supporting major types of mobile applications

The strong components of SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 provide support for few major types of mobile applications. Cross-platform request/reply or lookup supports Hybrid Web container applications, the Agentry applications synchronized directly against the back end, Mid-tier result-set cache synchronization, support of data consolidation and distribution with the Data Orchestration Engine (DOE)1 helps mobile workflow patterns and Native applications. Guaranteed notifications and Request/reply or lookup supports native applications using the OData SDK and REST-based OData applications built with any SDK.

Value Drivers

  • Most comprehensive mobility platform.
  • Seamless integration to a variety of backend data sources.
  • Enterprise-grade development environment.
  • Rapid deployment of mobile applications across multiple device types.

Business Benefits

  • Deliver innovative mobile apps that add true business value.
  • The most broadly and frequently used business functions are renewed
  • Get operational within weeks, saving time and cost of implementation.
  • Can be accessed from mobile and desktop devices enabling employees to complete their tasks from anywhere.

The fastest way to mobilize your workforce with the leader in Mobility. Mobile solutions that drive business growth, innovation and profitability.

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