Better Risk Modeling and Safety Compliance Using Mobile Operator Rounds

About the Client

The customer, a large electricity provider, was having difficulty constructing accurate risk models concerning its generation assets. The company was also experiencing a worrisome increase in safety incidents enterprise wide. The utility determined its paper-based risk identification and management system simply no longer met its needs. Replacing it with a modern, mobile-first solution would enable the utility to conduct more accurate and efficient operator rounds and spot potential issues before they become serious safety and risk problems. 

Key Challenges:
  • Inefficient operator rounds process
  • Bad data quality to make risk models
  • Lack of real-time data visibility
  • Unplanned asset downtime
  • Increased safety hazards
Benefits Realized
  • More efficient operator rounds and data entry with fewer errors
  • Higher quality data on which to assess risks and accurately model risk
  • Real-time visibility into current plant conditions
  • Fewer equipment failures and unplanned outages
  • Better safety compliance with a drop in safety incidents

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