CBH Group’s Digital Transformation Journey Using mWorkOrder

About the Client:

CBH Group handles more than 90% of Western Australia’s grain harvest across 200 sites. Their maintenance teams execute more than 30,000 work orders annually in remote locations where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable.

The company realized the challenges facing their frontline technicians from internal survey findings and wanted to make using SAP intuitive. They were looking for a mobile solution that makes life easier for their maintenance technicians and empowers executives to make informed decisions with real-time data. After a thorough evaluation of several solutions, CBH picked Innovapptive’s mWorkOrder to optimize its maintenance operations.

Discover the digital transformation journey of CBH Group using mWorkOrder in this case study. You will learn how the solution enabled them to provide greater value for their customers and profit for their efforts.

Key Takeaways:
  • What are the challenges facing maintenance technicians at CBH Group?
  • How difficult is using SAP for frontline workers?
  • Why did CBH Group choose mWorkOrder?
  • What were the results after using mWorkOrder?
  • What do some key people at CBH Group say about this transformation?

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