Meeting IT’s Unique Requirements for a Secure, Configurable Connected Worker Platform

About the Client

The customer, a leading midstream oil and gas company, wanted to improve its maintenance productivity through digital transformation, but was having trouble finding a Connected Worker platform that met its unique needs. Two of those needs were for a secure and easily configurable solution. The company wanted something that would not burden its IT department with constant requirements for upkeep, updates and service. It also insisted on a secure platform that would keep out unwanted digital intruders and protect valuable operational data. 

Key Challenges:

  • Limited IT bandwidth 
  • Security and authentication
  • Easy end-user configuration and customization
  • Minimal maintenance and upkeep from the IT department
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Offline capabilities

Benefits Realized

  • Two-factor authentication and single sign-on for greater security and data protection
  • Quick, easy end-user configuration and customization with minimal IT intervention thanks to low code/no code technology
  • Reliable third-party maintenance and upkeep with minimal need for IT intervention
  • Superior UI/UX, resulting in high user adoption rates and fewer calls to IT for assistance
  • Capability to work offline in remote areas with little or poor Wi-Fi connectivity

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