CIO's Guide: Enterprise Mobile Workforce Solution Deployment Strategy

CIO's Guide: Enterprise Mobile Workforce Solution Deployment Strategy

As mobile devices tend to become cheaper and efficient, it is not an exaggeration to state that mobility is redefining our lives like never before – from making conference calls, scheduling appointments, shopping online to storing and processing huge volumes of data. The demand for mobile solutions across different lines of businesses (LOB) is exponentially increasing, according to leading industry analysts. This exponential demand is creating a huge challenge for internal Corporate IT to meet these instant needs. Corporate IT is looking for plug and play mobile solutions to meet this "Instant" demand from their customers.

Some of the key challenges that are grabbing the CIO’s attention in the wake of the mobile application demand are

  • How to meet business demand for mobile solutions with existing IT resources
  • How to keep mobile devices safe from data breaches and thefts; and
  • How to keep up with the rapid upgrade cycles and diverse device platforms without extensive investments.

Companies that intend to move forward with clear cut mobility initiatives must plan for supporting multiple line of business solutions, ongoing upgrades and support, wireless security and mobile device management - right from the beginning. This CIO’s guide to mobile deployment explores certain key strategies associated with easy deployment of mobile solutions, managing day to day support and upgrade cycles, mobile application management, mobile security and above all helps in strategizing your organization to gain a competitive advantage with the increasing pervasiveness of enterprise mobility.

Key Takeaways From This Guide:

  • How to create mobile apps that your employees will actually use?
  • Going native or working the web? Which do you prefer?
  • Expansion of mobile app analytics solutions into machine learning and predictive analytics models
  • Emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) as a Backend-as-a-Service Platform
  • 10 Key steps for a successful enterprise mobile strategy

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