Digital Work Instructions for Utility New Hires

Digital Work Instructions for Utility New Hires

Is your utility:
  • Struggling with a younger workforce and skills gaps?
  • Worried about losing tribal knowledge?
  • Dealing with backlogs and safety risks?

This ebook explores why Digital Work Instructions are the solution to these pressing challenges. Discover how to bridge the generational gap, preserve critical knowledge, bridge skills deficiencies, and bolster safety in your utility operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average age of the utility workforce is falling as younger Gen Z workers are replacing retiring Baby Boomers
  • Incoming workers lack the knowledge and experience of the departing ones, creating skills gaps, leading to jobs taking longer to complete and more reworks
  • Skills gaps also contribute to higher downtime and increased safety risks
  • Digital Work Instructions let experienced workers share knowledge with younger colleagues via mobile devices and video conferencing

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