Enterprise Mobility Instant ROI from SAP-GIS Integration

Webcast Information:

Field teams engaged in inspection, maintenance or management of assets distributed over a large area see significant benefits from integration of GIS mapping into their mobile tools. Benefits include reduced data entry time, improved accuracy of entry, and more efficient location of needed assets. The webinar helps you to learn how Critigen and Innovapptive have teamed to bring rich GIS data and map functionality to Innovapptive's mWorkOrder for both online and offline use

Our speakers Ty van den Akker - Integrated GIS Products at Critigen and Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development and Solution Engineering have painted a picture for GIS and SAP stakeholders, how enterprises can succeed in using real-time data from SAP and GIS to streamline business processes.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Create and edit your form with simplicity and swap all your paper based forms with mobile digital forms in just a few minutes
  • Build logic by adding a selection of fields of your choice, GPS location, pictures, date and time stamps and more
  • Add smart and dynamic fields to modify your forms based on data captured. Including, drop down menus, expanding  and repeating sections and the ability to attach various documents such as PDF, MS Word and images as supporting evidence.
  • Robust reports and charts with every form to highlight the fields the best fits your role, that provides you the analytics you need for the year-round decision making.

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