Field Data Collection Simplified with RACE™ Dynamic Forms

Field Data Collection Simplified with RACE™ Dynamic Forms

Webcast Information:

With the benefits of going paperless, using digital forms has become a rampant phenomenon. An electronic version of a paper form, that can provide access to every form from anywhere, anytime. Eliminating the stacks of paper and pre-printed forms, helps you save time and money. RACE™ Dynamic Forms is the solution to help you build robust mobile forms that will revolutionize your field data capture. Whether the objective is to improve productivity, increase visibility into operations, save time and gain data accuracy.

RACE™ Dynamic Forms, make your paper forms digital by recreating them as electronic forms accessible through mobiles, tablets and web browsers.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Create and edit your form with simplicity and swap all your paper based forms with mobile digital forms in just a few minutes
  • Build logic by adding a selection of fields of your choice, GPS location, pictures, date and time stamps and more
  • Add smart and dynamic fields to modify your forms based on data captured. Including, drop down menus, expanding  and repeating sections and the ability to attach various documents such as PDF, MS Word and images as supporting evidence.
  • Robust reports and charts with every form to highlight the fields the best fits your role, that provides you the analytics you need for the year-round decision making.

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