Mobile Inspections and Digital Forms Overview and Demo

Watch the on-demand webinar to explore the evolution of Innovapptive’s mobile asset inspections and digital forms solution, mInspections. Learn how it will enhance your field workers' lives in addition to accelerating your journey to world-class asset performance, safety, and compliance.

Evolving from Innovapptive’s existing RACE Dynamic Forms, mInspections revolutionizes data capture and facilitates quicker, more accurate plant inspections, data entry, and form completion. Outdated paper forms and checklists give way to tailored digital ones that can be created, edited, and issued in minutes. This allows for rapid responses to changing business conditions or even emergencies.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explain how this Cloud-based solution can stand alone with no back-office system or can easily be integrated with one if desired
  • Demonstrate key capabilities like building and editing forms, configuring for unique roles and geographies, and more
  • Detail how mInspections can be deployed almost instantly, providing a rapid time to value

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