Modernize your Inventory & Warehouse Management Digital Tools to Improve Inventory Accuracy

Webcast Information:

In January 2019, Microsoft announced they are ending their mobile journey—along with all support for their Windows mobile platform. For years, most large enterprises have managed to maintain high levels of inventory accuracy with rugged handheld devices running on Windows mobile CE and bar code automation. With Microsoft sun-setting their support and advising Mobile users to move over to Android or iOS, enterprises have a unique opportunity to upgrade into the consumer led modern age, while catering to high rates of warehouse worker attrition and the incoming millennial workforce.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Innovapptive's mInventory 7.2.0 release and how we are converting such challenges into opportunities. Our latest release is helping enterprises improve warehouse worker productivity, on-boarding, training, job satisfaction, while improving overall inventory accuracy levels to achieve the following business benefits

What You Will Learn From This Webinar:

  • Improve Lead Time and Maximize Sales Opportunities
  • Avoid Stock Out Situations
  • Avoid Unplanned Plant or Equipment Downtime
  • Flush out slow moving or non-selling items
  • Responsive & Transparent customer service  
  • Accurate financial statements - Balance Sheets, Purchase & Sales Ledgers
  • Same day on-boarding of warehouse workers
  • Improve productivity of warehouse workers for high value add activities

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