Why Maintenance, Operations and IT Will Love the New mWorkOrder

Webcast Information:

What are you doing to transform traditional processes that are leading to roadblocks in your business operations? Are you thinking about things in a new way to improve your business and the lives of the people helping you be successful?

At Innovapptive, we have always been on the cutting edge of technology with innovations to digitize how field workers access and transact with ERP or CMMS systems. While mobile can be a game-changer, we do believe there is a better approach - which we call "Conversational Operations™". Humans are now in the center of the value chain conversing — via touch, voice, alerts, etc. — with machines that seamlessly engage through workflows with platforms to execute processes.

Watch this Webinar, where we introduce mWorkOrder 7.2, the latest version of our Mobile EAM solution framework. See how this latest release of mWorkOrder is solving problems and creating conversations for customers across industries in Oil and Gas, Utilities, Chemicals, Mining, Manufacturing and more.

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