5 Ghouls in the Balance Sheet You Overlook but Can Ward Off with Connected Fixed Assets

Although most business executives are aware of the implications of ghost assets, they fail to remove them from their ledgers. This is mainly because companies are failing to track their assets effectively. 

A Gartner report says that only 56 percent of enterprises verify their assets once a year whereas 10 to 15 percent of enterprises have not verified their assets in more than five years.

Are you one of those executives who feel fixed asset tracking is complex and expensive as your assets are geographically dispersed?

Do you feel regular, efficient fixed asset tracking adds little value to your business objectives?

Maybe this is true so long as you rely on conventional practices.

Read our white paper to explore how ghost assets will haunt your business for years and how to eliminate them completely with the help of a Connected Fixed Assets solution.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • The financial impacts of ghost assets on your business and the reasons behind their existence
  • Getting rid of ghost assets with Connected Fixed Assets
  • Case study of a Fortune 500 agro-chemical company

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