5 Ways Manufacturers Can Benefit From Mobile Maintenance Management

Unplanned downtime threatens manufacturers’ revenue streams, profit margins and customer relationships. Unfortunately, too many manufacturers still rely on outdated paper-based maintenance data collection systems that fail to give them the operational visibility needed to proactively prevent downtime-causing equipment failures. Instead, they reactively wait for machinery to fail, which is a very inefficient – and costly – maintenance practice.

This whitepaper introduces the concept of a mobile workforce management application for manufacturing plant maintenance activities. You’ll learn how replacing paper-based maintenance data collection and sharing with mobile devices provides greater visibility and boosts wrench time.

Key Takeaways:
  • A mobile maintenance solution simplifies data collection and sharing.
  • Data collected via mobile device is more accurate than that from paper.
  • Digitally collecting data and automatically uploading it to SAP and IBM Maximo makes it immediately available in real time for decision making.
  • Mobile maintenance management improves decision making is improved and response times.
  • Managers and supervisors using mobile plant maintenance can address equipment health and reliability before problems arise.

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