An End-to-End Solution for Better Field Service Management

An End-to-End Solution for Better Field Service Management

Organizations have invested millions of dollars in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems over the past three decades, but they have failed to deliver a holistic solution for Field Service Management (FSM).

Poor FSM processes will be reflected negatively in an organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as first-time fix rates and percentage of jobs completed within the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Ultimately, poor performance will hit customer retention and degrade margins.

This whitepaper looks at the common FSM challenges and explains how a Connected Worker Platform (CWP) can digitally integrate technicians, the warehouse, and customers with the back office.

Let’s take a deeper look at:

  • Key factors reducing field technician’s productive time
  • The four main components of a holistic FSM solution
  • How mobile solutions increase productivity and operational visibility
  • Importance of process and technology integration
  • Latest developments in field service technology

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