Are you addressing the 5 major challenges of PHMSA Compliance?

Are you addressing the 5 major challenges of PHMSA Compliance?

In the wake of complying with the procedures specified in the PHMSA’s integrity management programs, organizations face a myriad of challenges such as cumbersome manual procedures, erroneous data capture, huge inspection costs, human resource mobilization, and lack of technical expertise to analyze the data for implementing the right preventive maintenance strategies. These issues can be alleviated by having an agile digital platform that can seamlessly collect and interpret data across a wide range of devices, generate insights and foster data-driven decision making – saving time, generating revenue and meeting timely compliance requirements.

This white paper is specifically targeted toward the executives in the Oil and Gas industry to help them comply with the PHMSA requirements and operate safely and effectively. Accordingly, this white paper has been organized to lead you through an insightful journey by providing a brief overview of the United States’ regulatory framework, key pointers of PHMSA’s integrity management programs, challenges faced by the organizations in complying with PHMSA’s regulations, and how Innovapptive’s connected workforce platform is helping organizations mitigate these challenges and do much more.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Overview of United States' Regulatory Framework for the safety of gas pipelines
  • Understanding PHMSA's Integrity Management program
  • Challenges encountered by a large pipeline company in meeting statutory compliances
  • An automated digital platform Solution - Innovapptive’s Connected Workforce Platform

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